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The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere was already the most somber episode of the series, especially when it gave us a final scene of what the future could have been if Negan hadn't killed Glenn and Abraham. Now we're reaching for that tissue box all over again.

In the original version of the dream sequence, Rick — who is struggling to process what had just happened — envisions an alternate reality of Glenn and Abe sitting with everyone at a dinner table, along with Glenn and Maggie's baby. It had all of us weeping ... but we're weeping even harder now, because Entertainment Weekly has shared an extended look at the dream sequence with a bunch of deleted footage.

Prepare to have your heart ripped out all over again, and check it out below:

The video begins with Rosita lighting torches around the dinner table as Abraham and a very pregnant Sasha rest on a bench. We then see Glenn playing with his son on a blanket, whisking him away to chase a remote-controlled car, steered by Eugene. Maggie meets them, and they're a perfect little family. Michonne walks by carrying a few bottles of wine, and Aaron builds a fire with a typical leather vest-clad Daryl.

Each and every interaction exudes bliss and family, and will make you smile until you remember how that dreadful night with Negan made all of this impossible. The scene is put together perfectly as characters pass through the screen in one long shot. It's especially heartbreaking to see a pregnant Sasha, since she was also a victim of Season 7.

There will never be a happily ever after dinner for this group, but I guess we'll always have this look at what could have been.

The deleted scene can be found on The Walking Dead Season 7 Blu-ray and DVD, hitting stores August 22nd. Season 8 premieres October 22nd.

What are your thoughts on the extended dream sequence? Tell us in the comments below!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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