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Glenn's skull wasn't the only thing that Negan broke after the Season 7 premiere. Both Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are now shadows of their former selves, struggling to cope with the trauma that's beset their group since The Walking Dead returned in October.

This week's episode reunited the pair when Negan brought Daryl along with him to visit Alexandria. Rick clearly struggled to hold back, longing to rescue his friend from Negan's clutches, while Daryl silently followed orders. The entire exchange was heartbreaking to watch, and seemed surprisingly out of character for such a bad ass as Daryl. Sure, the 'Easy Street' song could break anyone at the best of times, but could musical torture and some dog food really destroy Dixon completely?

Judge for yourself in this clip of Daryl being tortured through the medium of song:

Daryl And Rick Communicated Via Morse Code

When Daryl first arrived in Alexandria, he blinked a lot, seemingly because the sunlight hurt his eyes after spending so long in a cell. However, some eagle-eyed viewers claim that Daryl's overactive eyelids held an ulterior motive, secretly defying Negan by speaking to Rick using Morse Code.

The idea sounds crazier than Carol in full-on Stepford Wives mode, but there's actually a surprising amount of evidence to back these claims up. Not only did Daryl's blinks seem quite deliberate, but Rick seems to nod, as if he understands what his friend is up to, and even taps the Lucille bat on the ground, as if he is responding in kind.

That's not all though. Earlier on in the episode, a sign for "American Morse Code" is clearly seen on the wall of one of the houses, prominently placed in a way that seems designed to stand out. Was this a deliberate clue left by the writers, foreshadowing what was to come or just a dull form of interior design?

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

Detractors of the theory may point out that little mention has been made of Morse Code before, but Redditor darkwing_darling recalls that Carol taught Daryl a rudimentary version back when they were searching for Beth in Atlanta. The Dixon brothers also used a variety of subtle hand and eye signals while hunting and tracking, so it's not a stretch of the imagination to suggest Daryl would use strategies like this to communicate with Rick.

However, one important question remains.

What Did Daryl Tell Rick?

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

Initially, we suspected that Daryl may have used Morse Code to sing the lyrics to 'Easy Street' or even tell Rick that "J-u-d-i-t-h i-s-m-i-n-e". However, Redditor AMALLAMAAMA was quick to decipher the code, revealing that Daryl was actually saying something far more useful.

Poor grammar aside, the message holds significant information regarding the whereabouts of Negan's Sanctuary. Using this map that charts the landscape of The Walking Dead, Redditor MyFriendDaniel showed that the enemy stronghold is exactly East of Alexandria, confirming the contents of Daryl's message.

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Of course, the Morse Code guide could be a red herring, and maybe Daryl was just a bit sleep-deprived. After all, it happens to the best of us, and coffee is in short supply during zombie apocalypses — but the pieces of this puzzle fit together almost too well, suggesting that the silent exchange that Daryl shared with Rick was far more than just coincidental. Look out in the coming weeks for more erratic blinking and probably a whole lot more of 'Easy Street' to boot. Shit's about to get real.


Do you think Daryl was communicating with Rick via Morse Code?

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