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is reaching the end of its seventh season, and even though it started off slow, the show has stepped up its game in the second-half of the season. Right now, Rick and his crew are preparing to rebel against Negan and the Saviors, also known as the 'All-Out War' storyline in the comics.

With only a handful of episodes left, fans are starting to wonder when the war will begin. Now, the season finale title and description have been revealed, and while it hasn't spoiled anything, it does hint at the epic stand-off. However, it might be starting a bit later than expected.

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Finale Title & Synopsis Revealed

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead was titled "Last Day on Earth" and when we first saw this, we knew we were going to receive a brutal episode as some characters might not make it out (R.I.P. Glenn and Abraham). However, finale is cleverly titled as a complete opposite: "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life." This title hints at a revelation on the show as things will dramatically change. Also, AMC revealed a brief synopsis for the season finale:

The stakes continue to grow higher as paths cross; the group enacts an intricate plan.

This description is mainly self-explanatory, except for the part where it says the groups enacts an intricate plan. This could mean that the actual war has not begun and we will only get to see the war play out over the course of one episode - which would clearly be extremely disappointing. However, there are some other things to consider.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

First of all, the Season 7 finale is scheduled to run from 9 P.M. ET to 10:25 P.M. ET, which is an extra 25 minutes of action. Also, the war may have started a few episodes prior to the finale and the group's "intricate plan" could be one last charge against the Saviors. You could even assume the battle will cross over into the eighth season, but even if that happens, the finale will definitely end on a solid note rather than a cliffhanger like last year. Either way, we should expect this season finale to be wicked!

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With the 'All-Out War' happening, we would assume that there will be some bloodshed and major players will be killed. In fact, showrunner Scott Gimple is telling us straight-up to prepare for some brutal deaths.

"Well, there are losses," showrunner Scott Gimple said of the Season 7 finale. "As the stakes get higher and higher... things start to get more intense and heartbreaking, and yet everyone has to sort of band together and keep going."

There are a number of different characters we could see kick the bucket in this year's season finale. From the likely Rosita and/or Sasha to the unpredictable Negan and Rick, we are in for an emotional roller coaster. At the end, says we'll be raising our fists in the air, so there is light at the end of the tunnel - with some zombies in between!

Make sure to tune into The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale On Sunday, April 2, 2017 on AMC @9 P.M. ET.

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