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After 16 long episodes, has finally come to a conclusion. This season, we saw Rick's group fall to to their knees and watch Glenn and Abraham get their heads crushed in by Negan and Lucille. Now in the season finale, we finally see Alexandria and other communities taking their first stance against the Saviors, and even though we only got a taste of All-Out War in the finale, it was still pretty damn awesome.

The season finale had some very hopeful moments that had us jumping out of our seats and raising our fists in the air out of joy at Rick's army rebelling against Negan's army, but there was a price to pay as there were some devastating (yet predictable) losses - and I'm not talking about Gregory! Tonight, we are mourning the loss of Sasha.

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Sasha Has Officially Died On 'The Walking Dead'

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

We all saw it coming: Sasha has met her fate and died on The Walking Dead. While there were many unexpected moments in the episode such as Shiva's epic entrance, Sasha's death certainly wasn't one of those. First off, the actress how portrays the character, Sonequa Martin-Green, is playing the lead role on the upcoming Star Trek series on CBS. This was announced way back in December and ever since then, fans have been nervously speculating the death of Sasha on The Walking Dead.

Looking strictly at what was going on with Sasha on the show, it became more clear every week that Sasha would die based on the way her character was progressing. In the seventh season, Sasha's character arc had come to a complete circle with her coming to terms with Abraham's death and realizing her purpose. In "The Other Side", Sasha and Rosita repaired their relationship and by the end of the episode, Sasha locked Rosita on the outside of the fence, telling Rosita that it isn't her time to die before running into the Saviors' building and shooting Negan's pawns left and right.

During last week's episode, Sasha made it very clear to both Eugene and Negan that she was willing to give up her life, which ironically saved her from Lucille. By the end of the episode, we saw Sasha accept Negan's terms, but it was blatantly obvious that it was her way to put her life on the line and save her friends because by that point, she was ready to die.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Even though we saw her death coming, it didn't take away from her intense death scene. Negan's plan was to place Sasha in the coffin and use her as bait to get Alexandria to stand down. Sasha chose to ruin his plan by taking the pills Eugene made, killing herself, so that by the time Negan opened the coffin she had already turned into a walker and attacked Negan.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

This was a truly heroic move for Sasha as she began the All-Out War. If it wasn't for her death, Alexandria would have been in big trouble.

Looking Back At Sasha's Character - Will She Be Missed?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Sasha has been a main character on ever since Season 3 when she and her brother, Tyreese, showed up at the prison asking Rick's group for help. Sasha and Tyreese were very close up until his tragic death in Season 5, one of my favorites of the entire season. Fast-forward another two seasons and we finally saw Sasha reunite with Tyreese in the afterlife (hopefully).

As Season 7 wrapped up, fans were prepared to see Sasha leave the show. However, she was still a likable character, looking back at her extensive history. She had survived a lot more than a few zombie attacks, and had been at Rick's side all along with the fall of the prison, the cannibals at Terminus, and watching Negan smash in the heads of Glenn and Abraham, her second boyfriend, with a baseball bat.

Given this, Sasha was truly a tough and fierce character that will definitely be missed. She was one of the most relatable characters The Walking Dead has ever introduced; she made realistic mistakes and grieved over things we as the audience might have ourselves. And she struggled like we might, too: She eventually became a very skilled marksman, but it didn't come easy. Over time, Sasha became a better fighter and shooter as she evolved into a great character to watch over the course of five seasons. She had multiple meaningful and intriguing character arcs that lead to a noble death true to her character. While you may not realize it yet, we will all miss Sasha on The Walking Dead.

Will YOU miss Sasha on The Walking Dead? How did you like her character in general? Tell me below!


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