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*Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 finale below*

After watching the end its seventh season last Sunday, I truly thought there wasn't anything better than seeing walker Sasha getting the jump on Negan. Watching them fall to the ground, Sasha on top (not exactly like Negan wanted, but close), snapping at his was a VERY good time.

But then came the obligatory Lego version of that scene!

They guy behind the Lego Walking Dead, YouTuber kristo499, seems to have just a little too much fun recreating iconic scenes with Legos. And that's totally fine.

Credit: kristo499 YouTube
Credit: kristo499 YouTube

Kristo has quite the collection too, from the Season 5 trailer, to the death of Abraham and Glenn, the death of Spencer, and even the death of Nicholas. But he topped himself by recreating finale, and it's,'s adorably awesome. Or would that be awesomely adorable? Whatever, just watch it:

The Lego Season 7 finale isn't quite as gory and bloody as some of the above recreations, but seeing walker Lego Sasha pop out of that cute little coffin is definitely worth a watch!

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