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This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

It may have been an eventful season for the survivors of , but dare we say that it's been more eventful for viewers at home, who've had an opinion about just about everything on the show. Whether it be spotting continuity errors or pointing out mistakes and dodgy CGI, critical fans haven't missed a beat this season! But we're confident that tonight's episode won over the vast majority of fans.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The jaw-dropping season finale has left the internet in a state of shock, and to help us cope with the impending hiatus of our favorite show, we thought we should take a look back at the greatest reactions from the show's devoted fanbase as they struggled to cope with tonight's thrilling, h, Tiger-out-of-nowhere events:

And there you have it, the viewers have spoken and to be honest we have to agree — how on earth are we expected to survive until October after the that we have just witnessed? may have come to an end, but we have high hopes for the upcoming eighth season. No matter what happens, the fans will add to the experience once more with their amazing reactions.

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What did you make of the Season 7 finale of 'The Walking Dead'?

The Walking Dead will return to AMC in the fall.

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