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The Walking Dead cast had a whale of a time teasing the Season 7 finale to viewers last week, from an obscure Braveheart reference to a Shakespeare speech that didn't seem to make the final cut. But when it comes to the cast themselves getting hints at what to expect, Andrew Lincoln doesn't want to hear a damn thing.

The actor revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he likes to know as little as possible about the storyline ahead of time, often refusing to even look at his own script until the day of filming.

While this says a lot about Lincoln's confidence in himself as an actor (those are some memory skills!), it also means he received quite the shock when he read the script for the finale.

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"I Don't Want To Know"

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

It's one thing to avoid spoilers as a viewer, but it's even harder when you're an actor on the show. While knowing what's going to happen each episode is literally an integral part of his job, Lincoln said he only allows the writers to reveal essential information, such as developments between Rick and Michonne, before filming:

"I’m serious when I say that I don’t ask for any information. I don’t want to know."

Lincoln probably knew Sasha was going to die— after all, the cast throw some pretty epic "death parties" for their fallen cast members. But when it came to Rick's group being betrayed by Jadis and her fellow Filthy Garbage People, he had absolutely no idea:

"All the EPs [Executive Producers] asked me, 'Did you see it coming?' And I went, 'I didn’t see it'."

Does This Method Do More Harm Than Good?

The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

It's an interesting method for sure, and guaranteed to keep those plot twists exciting even at such an involved level. In regards to how up-to-date he is with comics, Lincoln told Daily Dead in 2015 that he only read "to a certain point that I felt was apt this season".

Lincoln's spoiler-avoidance tactics also raise some concerns that he perhaps isn't giving himself enough time to prepare for how he's going to act out his scenes. Doesn't leaving things till last minute make everything a little rushed?

Well, it depends. Lincoln believes that "big reveals like this" can be delivered far better with as little notice as possible, since the fresh reaction is far more genuine:

"I think it’s much, much stronger. Because no matter how good you are, there’s an inherent sense that you might play something that may signal."

Did you see the Filthy Garbage People's betrayal coming from a mile away, or were you completely in the dark?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly, Daily Dead)


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