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It's no secret that viewership for Season 7 of has been thinning week after week since the season premiered. After seven years, have fans finally had their fill of biters and bloodshed, or is the show just failing to serve up the post-apocalyptic action like it used to? When you look at Season 7's current standing on Rotten Tomatoes, its painfully clear: The Walking Dead might be losing its mojo.

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Critics and audiences are currently calling Season 7 the worst one yet, with a Tomatometer score of just 70% and an audience score of 76%. Previously, the biggest loser was Season 6, with a Tomatometer score of 78%. But before that, Season 5 managed to top even the first season, with an impressive 90%. Overall the show holds a Tomatometer rating of a respectable 83%, but will it be able to hold on to that number by the time Season 7 draws to a close?

King Ezekiel / The Walking Dead / AMC
King Ezekiel / The Walking Dead / AMC

When you look at the scores for each individual episode, it's not hard to figure out where The Walking Dead is going wrong. Episodes that focus too much on minor characters tend to drag the scores down, like the most recent episode "Swear," which followed Tara's journey to a new community and got saddled with a low score of 59%. It's the episodes that stick close to our favorites that are the most compelling, like "The Well," which focused on Carol and Morgan while introducing King Ezekiel.

Tara / The Walking Dead / AMC
Tara / The Walking Dead / AMC

We're not quite halfway through this season, so there's still hope that The Walking Dead might pull itself out of this slump. It's still the most watched Sunday night cable TV show, and holding on to that title shouldn't be a challenge if it figures out how to keep going back to the characters we love. And of course, nail-biting action sequences wouldn't hurt either.


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