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Warning: This article contains massive spoilers from the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

For months we've wondered about which member of Rick's group would fall victim to Negan's wrath on The Walking Dead. The Season 6 finale was deliberately ambiguous, sparking some criticism and plenty of fan theories along the way, but there's no point in dwelling on the past, as last night's Season 7 premiere finally revealed what happened.

The premiere has aired and it was arguably the best and most brutal episode we've seen yet. Filled with jaw-dropping moments — quite literally I'm afraid — the Season 7 premiere took The Walking Dead to gruesome new heights and left us emotionally distraught in the process.

Check out a scene from the Season 7 premiere:

The premiere episode has changed the show forever, but before we start worring about what comes next, let's take a look at all of the heart-racing moments from Season 7, Episode 1, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be."

1. The Death of Abraham

Abraham was the first to go. (via AMC)
Abraham was the first to go. (via AMC)

In one of the most admirable ways to ever go out on television, Abraham accepted his fate honorably. That didn't stop Negan from brutally assaulting him, but again Abraham refused to back down, proving more difficult to kill than Negan anticipated.

Negan was impressed by Abraham's will to survive, but that only intensified his need to slaughter the big man. With another devastating blow, he knocked Abraham down and continued beating him to a pulp until there was nothing left. We'll definitely miss the lovable big guy and his trademark humor. But Abraham's death was just a sign of even worse things to come.

2. The Death Of Glenn

Maggie looked on as poor Glenn was beaten to death. (via AMC)
Maggie looked on as poor Glenn was beaten to death. (via AMC)

In a sneaky move, the villainous Negan decided to kill another of the group. For Round Two, he took down Glenn as the fan favorite character's wife Maggie watched on, but powerless to stop the savage assault.

This moment was the most brutal death that we've seen on The Walking Dead, as Glenn was still breathing right up until the bitter end. It was nerve-wracking and uncomfortable to watch, but that was clearly the intention. The graphic nature of this scene only made our jaws drop even further. Glenn's death is bound to have a lasting impact on Season 7, and we'll miss seeing actor Steven Yeun bring the character to life every week.

3. Daryl Tries To Attack Negan And Almost Gets Killed In The Process

Daryl had enough of Negan's intimidation. (via AMC)
Daryl had enough of Negan's intimidation. (via AMC)

After watching Abraham get his brains bashed out, Daryl couldn't sit by and watch Negan hurt any more of his friends. When the antagonist taunted Rosita, Daryl ran head on into danger and punched Negan right in the jaw. Unfortunately, the Saviors intervened and almost killed Daryl then and there. After losing Abraham, I really thought Daryl was a goner, making this scene another stress-inducing affair.

Dwight threatened to shoot Daryl straight through the head with his very own crossbow, but Negan told him to refrain from doing so. Instead, Dwight spat on Daryl, almost as a mark of ownership. Later, Negan and the crew kidnapped Daryl as a bargaining chip — proof Rick and group that they belong to Negan now.

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4. Rick Almost Falls To His Death

Rick was hanging on for dear life. (via AMC)
Rick was hanging on for dear life. (via AMC)

Following his murderous rampage, Negan kidnapped Rick and took him out to a remote location covered in fog and walkers — a lethal combination to say the least. Rick found himself atop Negan's RV, and the villain tried to move matters along by shooting through the roof. This prompted Rick to make a running jump to safety, grabbing onto a walker that was hanging from a nearby bridge.

Not only was this walker now trying to eat him, but all of the hungry walkers on the ground below were ready to feast. What made matters much worse was that the hanging walker began to split, with Rick poised to fall into a crowd of bloodthirsty walkers. Negan intervened and stopped Rick from falling to his doom, but his treacherous little games certainly provided a shock. The scene was beautifully filmed and the fog provided a real sense of dread — the viewer never really knew what lurked behind the mist.

5. Negan Asks Rick To Chop Off Carl's Arm

Rick had a tough choice to make. (via AMC)
Rick had a tough choice to make. (via AMC)

In a devastating turn of events, Negan felt as though Rick hadn't fully proved his loyalty. To test Rick's dedication to him, Negan had Carl pinned on the ground with his left arm extended, ordering Rick to cut his son's arm off. If he refused, Negan and the rest of the Saviors would murder all of Rick's group.

Rick pleaded with the tyrannical leader, but Negan refused to budge. Carl told Rick to do it and just when it looked like Rick was going to follow through, Negan intercepted and told Rick that he now belonged to him. In this moment, Rick proved that to be true.

We'll miss you guys. (via AMC)
We'll miss you guys. (via AMC)

The Walking Dead will never be the same and neither will its fans. Last night's episode proved that anything can happen on The Walking Dead, and we have no clue what to expect next. As we look towards the show's future, we can only wonder how Rick and the group will get out from under Negan's bat. Carol, wherever you are, we need you!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. What do you think will happen to Rick and his crew this season? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.


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