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HUGE SPOILER WARNING for The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere. Get out of here in case you haven't watched it yet. I mean it! Go!

I'm assuming you've all had some time to put yourselves back together after that heart-crushing premiere of The Walking Dead. We knew we'd lose someone when Season 7 premiered but, unless you're into spoilers, last night's twist took many of us by surprise. As if losing one of our beloved Survivors wasn't enough, Gimple and co. took yet another fan-favorite from us, in the most upsetting way. The worst part? If Daryl hadn't interfered with Negan's freak show, Lucille might have only claimed one victim.

Does our favorite redneck really hold all the blame for Glenn's demise? Stick around and let's find out.

Meeting Lucille

Image: AMC
Image: AMC

You may argue that Negan is TV's ultimate Big Bad, but we can all agree that he did warn the Survivors of what would happen if anyone interfered. Last season, we saw Negan very specifically mention that "the first [interruption] was free" after Glenn broke the line in the finale and, last night, Negan delivered when Daryl did the same.

Of course Daryl's reaction was totally understandable — but the hefty price that was paid for it makes us wonder if his impulsiveness was worth it. We all remember how he left Alexandria in search for revenge for Dr. Denise's death, consequently landing Rosita, Michonne and Glenn in Negan's line-up.

Why Daryl's Reaction Was Selfish and Foolish?

The Walking Dead Comics - Issue #100 (Skybound)
The Walking Dead Comics - Issue #100 (Skybound)

When The Walking Dead comic book Issue #100 came out, many of us half expected something to come up and save the day (and Glenn) from Negan's hard-earned lesson; but nothing did. Many of us though that as the leader, Rick should have taken a stand and done pretty much anything to prevent Glenn from getting his brain bashed in, but that was because we didn't know any better. Back then, neither the readers nor the characters fully understood how big of a threat Negan posed, but that's not true of the characters on the show.

Although Rick had a tough time wrapping his head around the change in power, the viewers were well aware that Negan was an enemy like none before. Daryl was given every chance to understand that the Saviors were out for blood, and that acting out during Abe's execution (we'll miss you, big red!) was not the best course of action. In one move, Daryl exposed his position in the group, became a valuable asset for Negan to extort Rick with, and caused a second victim to get killed.

Did Daryl Actually Act Out To Save Rick?

For Daryl, things are about to get pretty crazy, as he's now a prisoner of the Saviors. He'll not only be Negan's and Dwight's new pet, but he'll be a constant reminder to Rick and the gang of all they've lost. We imagine he'll also be spending a lot of his time with the Saviors wallowing in guilt, and blaming himself for Glenn's death. Don't get me wrong; technically, Daryl is responsible. But the truth is that Daryl launched that a punch at a moment when emotions were running especially high, and just about anyone could've been blinded by grief and launched an ill-fated attack on Negan.

Yes, Daryl got Glen killed, and yes, he just revealed his position within the group, but he also spared other group members (especially Rick) from being the one to act out. As Rick's "right hand man", he knew very well that Rick would probably do something to avenge Abraham, so Daryl may have acted first & put himself on the line to save their leader.

Also, Daryl's presence in the Sanctuary could very well lead to some interesting comic book plots and twists. In the interest of avoiding spoilers, suffice it to say: the Survivors might find allies in the most unlikely places, and Daryl's presence in the Sanctuary could play a key role in this.

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Last night's episode was a total bloodbath; there was too much loss and gore to hold any one person wholly responsible (except maybe Negan. F*** you Negan.). However, the fact of the matter is that The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere took us all on an emotional roller-coaster, and it'll take a while for us — and the characters — to pick up the pieces before next week's episode.

If you had been in the line-up, would you have done what Daryl did? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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