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After your weekly fix of , you're no doubt thirsty for more, and luckily for us, AMC provides us with just enough previews and promos to make it through the next zombie-less seven days.

Following the screening of the latest episode, AMC released a short 30 second promo for the upcoming episode, as well a slightly longer preview scene. Below you'll find a list of all The Walking Dead Season 7 promos and previews as they are released. Be sure to check back weekly to keep up to date:

Both sides prepare for battle in the promo for Episode 16, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

After months of waiting we've finally arrived at The Walking Dead Season finale and if the promo for Episode 16, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life" is anything to go by, it'll be one hell of an episode. Take a look at everything we can gather from the quick promo:

  • People return to Alexandria in a RV, a garbage truck and on bike (yay for sensible modes of transport!), indicating that Jadis and the Scavengers have joined ranks with Rick after getting the guns from Oceanside.
  • Outside the gates of Alexandria the spikey car barriers are set back in place.
  • Negan, Simon and some Saviors come across felled trees which block their way.
  • Meanwhile, Dwight tells a suspicious Rick, "I can slow them down," and when asked "why?" he replies "because I want Negan dead."
  • Sasha is still alive and stuck at Negan's base, as Negan enters her cell she asks him "what do you need from me?" He replies, "you are going to help make sure things get back on track today."
  • Over at Alexandria we see the team mobilize; rigging up the remaining explosives, and posting many people —including Jadis — on the walls with weapons. Tara, Daryl and Co. are armed and on the ground and Rosita looks horrified as she peers out through the gate, but at what?
Jadis joins Rick at Alexandria [Credit: AMC]
Jadis joins Rick at Alexandria [Credit: AMC]
  • As a voice over of Sasha tells Negan "no one has to die," we see Rick looking over the Alexandria boundaries to Negan's group (complete with an undercover Dwight behind him), and Negan tells Sasha "you are wrong."
  • We see the Kingdommers making their way to Alexandria, even employing Richard's trick of forming a barrier with shopping trolleys.
  • Morgan is seen with the Kingdommers, holding his newly sharpened stick, long gone is the graceful Aikido jo. Will he join them against Negan, or is his mental state too far gone?
  • Shiva is going to Alexandria!
  • Michonne lines up a shot from some sort of vantage point.
  • Sasha and Eugene walk through the hallways of the Savior's base.
  • Jesus and Maggie find something in the forest.
  • Carl and someone else (Rick?) run through the streets with guns, during what looks to be a shoot out.
  • Daryl threatens Dwight in the cell at Alexandria.
  • Rick finds cover behind the RV before lining up a shot.

Morgan has a crisis in the sneak peek for Episode 16, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

As the Kingdom prepares to meet with Rick and discuss an alliance, Morgan has a crisis about what to do after killing Richard. In the sneak peek, Morgan wears Benjamin's armor though it seems as though he is in two minds about whether or not to join the upcoming fight against Negan. Ezekiel pleads with him to join his group, before he, Carol, Shiva and many other top players from the community head off toward Alexandria, ready to final join with Rick.

The gang prepare for war in the promo for Episode 15, "Something They Need"

With only two episodes to go, the countdown to some sort of dramatic finale is definitely on. Episode 15, "Something They Need" looks like it will deal with our crew making some final preparations, including a possibly deadly attempt at contacting the Oceanside community we met in Episode 6. They promo is filled with details about storylines we might see in the upcoming episode, here's what we spotted:

  • Daryl riding alongside the RV with Rick and Michonne sitting up front, and followed by the van with what looks like Aaron and Gabriel.
  • The group, lead by Tara make their way through the forest, mostly likely heading towards Oceanside. In a voice over we hear Rick tell someone "watch for the signal."
  • Jesus, Gabriel and someone else walk away from what looks like the small pond where the houseboat sits, possibly making their way to Jadis's community?
  • Eric and Aaron exchange worried glances in the forest, as do Carl and Enid.
  • Michonne asks "what time does the clock start?" to which Rick replies, "as soon as she's there," probably talking about Tara making contact with Oceanside.
  • A large group row across the pond, with Aaron and Eric on watch at the front of the boat.
  • Rick asks Michonne, who is posted up a tree with a gun (look at Michonne the sharp shooter!), "you good?" she replies, "I'm good enough."
Explosion at Oceanside [Credit: AMC]
Explosion at Oceanside [Credit: AMC]
  • A huge explosion at Oceanside sends its citizens running for cover.
  • A shadowy Negan looks at something and we hear him tell someone "this could be the beginning."
  • Gregory is keeping a close eye on Maggie asking her "why are you still here Maggie? Where are your friends?. We also see him holding a knife behind his back — is he planning on killing Maggie so she can't take over leadership of Hilltop?
  • Some gnarly walkers make their way through the forest — were they drawn in by the explosion near Oceanside?
  • Michonne fires at something or someone from her tree.
  • Gregory takes a long, hard look at himself surrounded by his ornate decoration.
  • Enid, Jesus, Rick, Tara and more walk past their vehicles in the dark, looking worried.

Maggie talks with Gregory in the sneak peek for Episode 15, "Something They Need"

It's no secret that Maggie and Hilltop leader Gregory don't see eye-to-eye and in the sneak peek for Episode 15, "Something They Need" the pair have a tense discussion. After venturing outside the walls of the Hilltop, Gregory asks Maggie where Rosita and Sasha have gone before questioning why Maggie has decided to remain at the community now that Dr. Carson has gone.

After exchanging barbs about being a united front, Gregory admits that he needs to be more open to working with Maggie, and Maggie tells him that "it's never too late to change" and offers to come by his office to discuss the future of Hilltop. But is Gregory being sincere, or is this some sort of sick scheme to try and discredit Maggie, or worse, perhaps even try and dispose of her?

The Saviors come to the Hilltop in the promo for Episode 14, "The Other Side"

With the Hilltop, Sasha and Rosita all appearing in this week's promo, we can be sure that some shit is going to go down in Episode 14, "The Other Side." Take a look at all the details spotted in the short clip above:

  • Someone watched as Rosita entered the Hilltop.
  • Sasha opens a book to reveal a hiding place for some serious bullets.
  • We hear Jesus say to Sasha, "Rosita didn't come here to train people. You're both going after Negan." She replies to him, "I'm not going to change my mind."
  • Sasha hastily packs a bag
  • A Hilltop guard yells that the Saviors are coming, and Daryl looks up as two trucks rolls toward the community.
  • Sasha and Rosita approach a fenced-in car yard with walkers inside the walls, the start climbing the chain link fence.
  • Simon meets with Gregory inside the Barrington house. Simon tells Gregory, "you've got a certain somebody, so what you can do for me is point me in the direction." Daryl and Maggie look on from the shadows.
  • Gregory looks angrily out the window and we hear him say "you don't know who might take over, they might have a crazy idea."
  • Daryl and Maggie run to hide as the cars enter the Hilltop (Daryl because he escaped the Saviors, and Maggie because Negan thinks she's dead).
  • Sasha and Rosita look to be luring away walkers with a burning car, Rosita backs into a bunch of them.
  • A door opens downstairs (probably under the Barrington house) where Maggie and Daryl are hiding.
  • Simon asks Gregory, "Who?"
  • Sasha lines up her shot on Negan.

Sasha says goodbye in the sneak peek for Episode 14 "The Other Side"

After Sasha and Rosita banded together to take down Negan at the end of Episode 12, in Episode 14 the pair look to be putting their words into action. However before Sasha can leave the Hilltop, she takes a little time to say goodbye to Enid and to let her know that her and Maggie are the future. After handing Enid an unfinished gift for Maggie's baby, Enid gives Sasha a 10 minute head start.

Carol's back and things kick off in the Kingdom in the promo for Episode 13, "Bury Me Here"

After episode upon episode reading in her little cottage on the roadside, it looks like Carol could be back in business for Episode 13, "Bury Me Here." However, with a rather ominous sounding title it looks like we could be in for some big moments and the promo only seems to support that. Take a look at everything we spotted in the promo for "Bury Me Here."

  • Carol's out of the house! After pausing on the road to look behind her (probably towards Alexandria?) she marches on towards both the city and the Kingdom.
  • We see Morgan sitting at a table and turning to see someone, presumably Carol. In a voice over we hear Carol ask "is everyone ok?"
  • Ezekiel and his Kingdomers stand before a gravesite which has been marked with a sign that says "bury me here." Ezekiel tells his followers "People have lived through every kind of misery, it is mere luck we are not all insane."
  • A bunch of Kingdom folk, including Morgan and Jerry, look to be on red alert. We also see Richard — is he helping the group to train perhaps or are his intensions more sinister?
  • Carol slashes a walker out of her way, nothing is going to stop her.
  • We hear a Savior telling a member of the Kingdom "I need you to understand the gravity of what's happening here." Are the Kingdom folk finally fighting back?!
  • Carol kills a walker just outside gates of the Kingdom.
  • The Savior continues "... I gave you a choice, what is it going to be?"
  • As the promo ends with the Kingdomers drawing their weapons and pointing them at the Saviors, in a voice over we hear Ezekiel say "this world drives one mad."

Carol's out of the house and demanding answers in the sneak peek for Episode 13, "Bury Me Here"

It seems like it's been an age since we've seen our beloved Carol Peletier in action, but in Episode 13, "Bury Me Here" it appears as though we're about to see her at least kicking some zombie ass! The sneak peek scene from Episode 13 follows as Carol leaves her cottage and heads towards the Kingdom, taking out walkers along the way. After clearing the walkers around the walls of the Kingdom with ease, Carol strides straight through the gates of the community (leaving members of the Kingdom outside dumbfounded) and demands to see Morgan, but for what reason we'll have to wait to see.

Rick and Michonne go to a carnival in the promo for Episode 12, "Say Yes"

Next week is Episode 12 and we're back at Alexandria and on the road with Rick and Michonne! Despite the setting looking fun, we're no doubt in for some tense times. Take a look at everything we've learned from the promo for Episode 12, "Say Yes."

  • Rick and Michonne are on the road, and despite Michonne saying they should return, Rick urges her to go a little farther.
  • The pair come across what looks to be a country fair with a lot of the guests now zombified.
  • Meanwhile Rosita is off on her own hunt for supplies, showing up at a dilapidated house in the woods. In a voiceover she tells someone (possibly Tara) "Rick and Michonne need more guns, more people, more time. I can't just wait."
  • Back at the fun fair, Rick and Michonne make an escape from a load of walkers via the sunroof of a car.
Rick and Michonne make their escape [Credit: AMC]
Rick and Michonne make their escape [Credit: AMC]
  • Rosita is confronted by her own stalker walker, possibly the previous owner of the house and she does not look friendly.
  • Rick frantically crawls toward his gun, meanwhile Michonne slashes a walker down with her katana.
  • Rick tells someone (Michonne), "it's not about us, we need more. It's about our future."
  • Rick climbs the Ferris wheel, Michonne yells at Rick.
  • Rick drives a vehicle with a smashed windscreen.
  • Armed, the pair prepare to enter a building, possibly the one seen in the sneak peek below.

Rick and Michonne hunt for guns in the sneak peek for Episode 12, "Say Yes"

It looks like we're back with Rick in Episode 12, and the hunt for Jadis's guns has well and truly begun, with Rick and Michonne having found a good area to loot. However, after finding a few guns on a wandering walker and "some serious rounds," Rick and Michonne figure something big went down at their scavenging point at some point in the past. Hopefully whatever the threat was all that time ago has long since left and Rick and Michonne can scavenge in peace.

Negan scares Eugene in this clip from Episode 11, "Hostiles and Calamities"

In a newly released clip from the upcoming Episode 11, "Hostiles and Calamities" (a Eugene-esque phrase if we've ever heard one), a pickle-carrying Eugene appears to be terrified by a Lucille-carrying Negan.

Standing outside the base, Negan makes it very clear that the only reason Eugene is alive is because he knows how to make homemade bullets. He then asks if Eugene is a "smarty pants," which a terrified Eugene answers in the positive, saying he taught himself how to cast bullets after finding a machine shop with the required equipment, also adding that he reads a lot and retains what he learns from books.

Dwight gets emotional in the promo for Episode 11, "Hostiles and Calamities"

After two Rick-centric episodes it looks like we're returning to the Savior's base in Episode 11 to catch up with our Big Bad, Negan. Unfortunately, it looks like things are fairly tense at the base after Daryl's escape, here's what we can glean about Episode 11 from the promo:

  • Eugene arrives at the base, terrified out of his skull but welcomed by Negan with open arms.
  • A door swings open to reveal Negan standing in the door way, it seems likely that he's being shown Daryl's empty cell. Meanwhile we hear him asking, "after everything, who are you, Dwight?" while Dwight kneels before him.
  • Dwight takes off on a motorbike, kitted out with his (/Daryl's) crossbow as we hear him reply "I'm Negan," solidifying his loyalty.
  • A handcuffed Eugene is being taken down stairs, and cries as a female Savior leads him somewhere unseen.
  • Dwight runs through the corridors of the base, frantically checking Daryl's cell for any sign of him.
  • Negan chats to a frightened Eugene while we hear him saying "he's emotional" in a voice over.
Dwight heats the iron for Negan [Credit: AMC]
Dwight heats the iron for Negan [Credit: AMC]
  • Dwight heats up an iron for a punishment (possibly for whoever allowed Daryl to escape?).
  • Dwight is outside the base and stops by a trashed house — could it be where he and Sherry lived before the apocalypse?
  • Negan appears to gesture toward Eugene with Lucille, but is he calling him out for punishment or to simply introduce him to the group?
  • Someone receives a beating under the watchful eye of Negan.
  • Dwight trashes what looks like a child's bedroom in the house we saw him approaching earlier. Did Dwight and Sherry have a child before the outbreak, or is he simply trashing a random house to get his anger out?
  • Negan tells Dwight, "understand something, we'll find him." Could this be in regards to finding whoever helped Daryl escape?

Daryl is discovered missing in the sneak peek for Episode 11, "Hostiles and Calamities"

We're traveling back in time for next week's episode — or at least in this sneak peek scenes — picking up at the Saviors base moments after Daryl escaped, having killed Fat Joey. As the group crowd around to see Fat Joey's lifeless body, we hear and see the returning convoy of trucks from Alexandria, while Dwight books it back to the cells to check if Daryl is still inside, only to be bitterly disappointed. Something tells me he's in a world of trouble when Negan exits those trucks and finds out what's happened.

Deals are discussed in the promo for Episode 10, "New Best Friends"

After Rick and the group found themselves face-to-face with a new crew in Episode 9, the promo for Episode 10, "New Best Friends" gives us some clues as to whether or not the group are friends or foes:

  • We get a look at the group surrounded by the group in their strange junkyard set up. The leader asks Rick "we own your lives, wanna buy them back?" before Rick, in a voiceover, replies "the Saviors, they own our lives, and they will come looking. But there is a way out."
  • Meanwhile, we see a tense stand-off between Ezekiel and the Kingdom folk and the Saviors.
  • Daryl points his crossbow at someone!
  • Richard tells Daryl "we want the same things. I need your help." The pair are seen walking somewhere, probably to see Carol. Emotional reunion in 3, 2, 1....
  • Carol is seen on her porch, with Ezekiel and four other Kingdom folk on the lawn (including Jerry!).
  • Morgan eyes up Richard. Richard arms himself.
  • The junkyard leader turns to eye up Rick as they stand above the community. Rick is confronted with the weird armored walker.

Get a look at the new community in the sneak peek for Episode 10, "New Best Friends"

Following that shock ending of Episode 9, the sneak peek for Episode 10, "New Best Friends" is a scene from inside the new community. The scene shows doors opening up, and the survivors silently flowing into a clearing amongst what looks to be a junkyard or garbage dump. Along with the numerous residents, Rick, Michonne, Rosita and Tara also make their way into the clearing, but for what purpose is unknown.

Michonne and Rick spot something interesting in the sneak peek for Episode 9 "Rock in the Road"

With the mid-season premiere about to air, AMC have released an intriguing sneak peak scene from Episode 9 which shows the group nearing Negan's base when they come up against a road block. Luckily for the group, Rick was quick with a plan.

But while in the process of moving the cars that formed a roadblock to get the vehicles through, Michonne makes an interesting discovery which she calls Rick over to inspect. As the sneak peek finishes we see Rick eying up a cleverly made road block laced with an absolute shitload of dynamite, but unfortunately what the crew decides to do next we'll have to wait until the episode premieres to find out!

The showrunners of The Walking Dead discuss the new worlds of Season 7

So far it seems like Season 7 has been introducing as many new communities as they can, and in this new featurette The Walking Dead showrunner, Scott Gimple discusses all those new groups.

Covering the Hilltop, Oceanside, Alexandria, the Sanctuary (Negan's base) and the Kingdom, Scott Gimple chats about the different styles of leadership, the different types of communities that make up this new universe.

The team gear up to fight in this promo for Season 7b

A brand new teaser has given us a look at a lot of new footage for Season 7b of The Walking Dead, here are all the highlights from the 30 second clip:

  • We see footage of a sweaty Rick, a staunch Carol, the reunion of Morgan with much of the group, and Carl and Enid smiling at each other.
  • A voice over tells someone "this world can belong to the good people. We just gotta be brave enough to try."
  • Richonne sneaks a kiss in!
  • Tara watches as Rosita messes with a rope and something that looks a little like dynamite?!
  • Michonne stands ready with her katana
  • The group leave the Hilltop and Rick tells someone "it's not about us anymore."
  • Daryl and the others arm themselves, and Rick kicks in a door while Michonne stands ready with a gun.
  • Eugene munches on something, presumably in his new residence at Negan's base. Soon after we see him testing out some sort of fire weapon in front of several scared Saviors girls.
  • Ezekiel and his guards pay a visit to Carol.
  • Morgan and Richard shows Rick and Michonne around the Kingdom.
  • There's a showdown between that weird armored walker and Rick.
  • Rick and Michonne grin at each other, while a voice over says "it's about a future."

Football is over in this promo for The Walking Dead Season 7b

During the Super Bowl, The Walking Dead had a clever 15 second promo which simply showed a football being smashed into the ground by Lucille. It's short, sweet and got straight to the point: Football season is over, The Walking Dead is returning. Heck yes!

The cast and crew explain the task ahead of the characters in this promo for The Walking Dead Season 7b

In a tense new promo for the second half of Season 7, the cast and crew come together to explain what the first half of the season meant for the characters, and how the group now plans to move on going forward.

Showrunner Scott Gimple talks about how the majority of the episodes were about the group — and audience — moving forward following the murder of Glenn and Abraham by Negan. Danai Gurira (Michonne) also echoed this, adding that Season 7a was all about characters adjusting and piecing themselves together.

Speaking about Season 7b, Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) notes that while the characters are all still grieving, now they need figure out how they can move forward. While in Season 7a moving forward meant keeping Negan happy, over time it has become apparent that it's impossible to find a healthy balance under his rule.

The groups reuniting in The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]
The groups reuniting in The Walking Dead [Credit: AMC]

Now, going into Season 7b the group are reunited, and even slightly optimistic that they can start to build a resistance to this big threat. Gurira adds that the back half of the season will have the audience seeing the group begin to strategize in order to play to their strengths, and take down this big force.

But obviously there's still big challenges ahead for the group, such as their total lack of weapons and lack of man power, as executive producer Gale Ann Hurd points out. Thankfully at least the latter problem may be solved soon, with the group striking out to find like-minded groups, such as the Hilltop and the Kingdom.

Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a Negan sums up what fans can look forward to in Season 7.

"What we're building toward the end of [Season] 7 is Rick trying to reemerge and find himself again, and Negan is still standing there with a big smile on his face waiting. So, you know, we're getting to a breaking point".

Rick meets Ezekiel in the promo for Episode 9 "Rock in the Road"

With under two weeks to go until Season 7 returns to air, the title for The Walking Dead Episode 9 was revealed as "Rick is introduced to a new community." And thanks to the international promo for the episode, we know that Rick will be introduced to the Kingdom.

While the international promo contains footage we've seen before, there are also some new snippets that caught our eye. Here's a quick run down of the 30 second promo and what it involves:

  • We see Rick and co watching as Savior's trucks arrive at Alexandria, then leave Hilltop and arrive at the Kingdom to meet Ezekiel.
  • Cut to Ezekiel receiving Rick and co in the auditorium, while Rick tries to get the Kingdom's support against Negan, saying "Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom. Our communities have something in common: We all serve the Saviors."
  • Michonne and Rick are on alert in the forest, and then again in tall grass accompanied by other Alexandrians.
  • Dwight is booking it down the hallways at the Saviors base - possibly after seeing that Daryl escaped.
  • Young Benjamin can be seen training his gun on someone in the forest.
  • Carl jumps into a car surrounded by walkers.
  • Simon taps his car door, before a quick cut to Rick looking like he's involved in a high-stakes car chase.
  • Lastly we watch as Rick implores Ezekiel to "join us in fighting." But will the eccentric leader join Rick's alliance or opt out?

Rick urges others to help his group in the fight for freedom in a promo for Season 7b

The latest promo may be short and sweet, but it gives us a total taste of what we can expect from the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7!

Dramatic music plays the length of this short video as we see images of our favorite characters flash across the screen. Meanwhile in a voice over, the unmistakeable voice of Rick Grimes implores someone to "join us in fight for freedom for all of us." It's almost like a campaign video for Rick, but while it's edited to make it seem like he's asking the audience to join his cause, in reality we know it must be another community leader - perhaps The Kingdom's eccentric Ezekiel, maybe Hilltop's cowardly Gregory, or even the staunch Natania from Oceanside? Or maybe, just maybe, it's someone we haven't even met yet? Either way I hope Negan's quaking in his boots because Rick Grimes is back.

The gang begins to rise up in the promo for the second half of Season 7

After finally coming back together and forming a plan to take on the Saviors in Episode 8, the promo for Season 7b has landed and the tables seem to have turned in Rick's favor. Let's a take a look at everything that the promo shows us:

  • We seen images of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom as Rick stands before Ezekiel in the Kingdom (surrounded by Jesus, Rosita, Daryl, Sasha and Michonne) pleading his case "Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom, our communities have something in common. We all served the Saviors."
  • A voice over of Richard continues "we already started this, and we're gonna win. Whatever it takes. Together we can beat them. Set things right. The time is now."
  • Meanwhile we see a whole of drama unfolding. First Rick and Michonne are crouched in the forest, looking poised to begin something. Then we see Rosita, Michonne, Aaron, Tara and Rick cautiously looking around as they make their way through an abandoned area.
Scenes from the Walking Dead Season 7b promo [Credit: AMC]
Scenes from the Walking Dead Season 7b promo [Credit: AMC]
  • We see someone wearing armor from the Kingdom coming face-to-face with two cars of Saviors.
  • Morgan's mentee, Benjamin is spotted out in the forest looking scared, while Carl and an unseen person are clamoring to get inside a car surrounded by walkers.
  • Negan's right hand man Simon (Steven Ogg) pops up, smacking the side of his truck.
  • Rick looks like he's involved in a high stakes, high speed car chase!
  • Ezekiel, Morgan, Richard and some other Saviors draw weapons against a Savior.
  • Daryl absolutely goes to TOWN on someone — the fists are flying!
  • Rick tells Ezekiel "join us in fighting them."
  • As the promo ends we see a disturbed looking Rick turn around to find what looks to be either some sort of monster... Or an armor-covered walker. Where the hell is he?!

Damn, how good does the second half of Season 7 look?!

Communities collide in the promo for Episode 8 "Hearts Still Beating"

Things get tense and the stakes are high in the promo for Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating." It seems that although Negan has arrived at Alexandria, we're still going to be seeing other communities throughout the episode as well, including the Kingdom. Here's a breakdown of the promo:

  • Rosita looks at the bullet Eugene made her
  • The Saviors open the doors to a truck or car returning to Alexandria
  • The Saviors look over the supplies brought in by Spencer.
  • We travel to the Kingdom where Richard is talking to Morgan and have the following exchange:

Richard: "I know what the Saviors are, and I know what they do. They cannot be trusted.

Morgan: "What exactly are you asking?"

Richard: "If we don't do something now things will go bad, and when they do we'll lose everything"

Olivia, Judith, Negan and Carl in The Walking Dead Ep 8 [Credit: AMC]
Olivia, Judith, Negan and Carl in The Walking Dead Ep 8 [Credit: AMC]
  • Olivia, Judith, Carl and a fresh-faced Negan share an awkward lemonade drinking experience.
  • Daryl is making his big escape from the cells of the Sanctuary.
  • It looks as though Rick and Aaron are attempting to cross the pond of walkers to try and reach possible supplies.
  • Michonne continues to hold her driver hostage in order to get close to the Saviors' base, but when they stop Michonne seems surprised by where she finds herself.
  • Richard hides himself in a structure in the forest.
  • The Saviors pack up supplies that Aaron and Rick have collected.
  • And Negan shows off his clean shaven face as he walks away from a devastated and teary Rick.

Olivia and Tara make lemonade out of lemons in the sneak peek for Episode 8 "Hearts Still Beating"

With Negan back in Alexandria, Olivia's torment continues. However luckily this time Tara comes to her aid after finding a can of lemonade mix that used to belong to Denise. Seeing Olivia's fragile mental state, Tara offers to take over her duties though her offer is turned down with Olivia adamant she follows through on her promise to Rick to care for Judith in his absence. The sneak peek ends with Olivia telling Tara to leave, as she turns to enter and sit down with her tormenter.

Negan lays down the law and Rick and Aaron explore in the promo for Episode 7, "Sing Me a Song"

Next week we've got the penultimate episode of the first half of Season 7 and it looks like it'll be filled with tension. Here's everything the promo for Episode 7, "Sing Me A Song" shows us:

  • Rick and Aaron are still out on their supply run and sleeping in the back of a truck, but look to have been woken up by something — who or what is left unseen.
  • Michonne is off on a mission outside the walls (as seen in the sneak peek below)
  • Rosita and Eugene are about to leave the walls of Alexandria, probably to begin clearing out the factory ready to make bullets. Meanwhile Spencer watches them go.
  • Jesus (and therefore probably Carl) arrives at the gates of Negan's sanctuary.
  • Daryl still looks like a broken man and Dwight also looks uneasy.
  • Rick and Aaron jump a gate which warns against trespassers.
  • Negan gives his Saviors a speech, apparently explaining why all the violence is necessarily, telling them "We survive, we provide security, we bring civilization back to this world. Rules are what make it all work. There is always a cost. We are the Saviors."
  • Jesus bails out of the back of the truck, and presumably hides as it carries on through the gates of the compound.

Michonne goes on a solo mission in the sneak peek for Episode 7, "Sing Me a Song"

It's well known that creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman is a major fan of cult series The Wire, with Merrit Wever (Denise), Chad L. Coleman (Tyrese) Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel), Lawrence Gilliard Jr (Bob Stokey) and many more all having appeared in the show before The Walking Dead. And now it appears like the show itself is playing a cool homage the character of to The Wire in the upcoming Episode 7.

In the Episode 7 sneak peek, Michonne walks down a deserted country road whistling "The Farmer in the Dell," a song which Wire fans will remember was frequently whistled by Omar Little as he walked the streets of Baltimore inspiring panic. Michonne herself isn't exactly harmlessly whistling the song, instead she's using the noise to draw out walkers which she then brutally strikes down with her trusty katana.

Although we get to see Michonne in action in the sneak peek, what is a little less obvious is where she's going, and who she might end up with. Is she headed to the Hilltop, Negan's base? Or is she simply trying to clear her head after the chaotic events of the last season?

A glimpse at the last three episodes of the first half of Season 7

AMC have mixed it up with the promos this week, choosing to release a promo for the remaining three episodes of Season 7a, instead of a promo specifically focussed on Episode 6.

Here's what the promo reveals for the next three episodes:

  • We'll be returning to the Saviors base for at least part of an episode - likely Episode 7, "Sing Me A Song."
  • The Saviors will also return to Alexandria for a supply pick up, most probably in the mid-season finale, Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating."
  • Tara is hiding from someone in the woods, a scene almost certainly from Episode 6, "Swear."
  • Someone else visits Carol.
  • We return to Morgan and the Kingdom, where a member claims someone "cannot be trusted."
  • We follow Aaron and Rick on a high stakes supply run
  • Tara and Heath encounter a new threat and new people
  • Rosita tells Eugene that she's willing to pay whatever price to get back at the Saviors, and it looks like bullet manufacturing might begin!

Tara and Heath hit tough times in the Sneak Peek for Episode 6, "Swear"

After many rumors it looks like we're definitely getting a Tara and Heath-centric episode for Episode 6, "Swear." The sneak peek shows an entire scene between the pair inside the caravan they took way back in Season 6, Episode 12, during which, Heath reveals that it's only been two weeks since the pair left the group for their supply run. Boy, a lot can happen in two weeks!

Unfortunately things don't look good for the scavengers, who are low on gas, supplies and morale. While Tara is still focussed on looking for supplied for the group, it appears that the attack on the Saviors outpost deeply affected Heath, who has come to the realization that the new world means it's every man for himself.

Things get dangerous at the Hilltop in the promo for Episode 5, "Go Getters"

The promo for The Walking Dead Episode 5 indicates that the Saviors aren't finished wrecking havoc for the various communities, and this time they're paying visit to Hilltop.

Though short, the clip reveals that both Maggie and Sasha have made their way to Hilltop, but that doesn't mean they're safe, with Hilltop leader Gregory angry that Rick seems to have put the community at risk. In addition to all that it looks like we'll be getting another Enid and Carl storyline, with that driver smashing into a zombie looking a little like they're wearing a wide brimmed hat - what do you think, is Carl off on a road trip with Enid?

Is Carl driving?! [Credit: AMC]
Is Carl driving?! [Credit: AMC]

Michonne talks with Carl in the Sneak Peek for Episode 5, "Go Getters"

Though most of Episode 5 is hinted to be taking place at the Hilltop, the episode sneak peek takes place between Carl and Michonne back home in Alexandria.

After Rick explained to Michonne the importance of submitting to Negan in Episode 4, it looks like Michonne is basically telling Carl to listen to his father - though doesn't exactly seem sure about it herself. The sneak peek also indicated that both Rick and Michonne are outside (or soon to be outside) the walls of Alexandria, leaving Carl without a parental guardian and the perfect opportunity to embark on his own journey with Enid, as indicated in the promo clip above.

Rick Submits To Negan In The Promo For Episode 4, 'Service'

Bad things look to be in store for the residents of Alexandria in The Walking Dead Episode 4, "Service." In the quick, 30-second promo, we see Negan shows up to the community for his collection of supplies, and he even brings poor Daryl with him:

Daryl arrives with Negan and his men in Episode 4 [Credit: AMC]
Daryl arrives with Negan and his men in Episode 4 [Credit: AMC]

As the men ransack Alexandria, the promo flashes to what is likely a town meeting where Rick tells the crowd "there is no way out of this. I'm not in charge any more — Negan is." Damn, it really does sound like Rick's been broken — but does he really feel that way or is it all a show?

Meanwhile, we see Rosita hiding from someone in the forest, and a very upset-looking Michonne possibly standing on the Alexandria lookouts and armed with a rifle — perhaps about to unleash hell on the Saviors?

Negan Arrives At Alexandria In The Sneak Peek For Episode 4, 'Service'

The sneak peek for Episode 4 has been released, and finally we're headed back to Alexandria, where it looks like most of the group that faced Negan in Episode 1 have returned.

The sneak peek shows Eugene tinkering with a radio when Rosita and Spencer roll up looking to leave for supplies for Negan. However, as the pair talk with Eugene, Negan and his men arrive outside the gates with what sounds like a ton of vehicles. As the scene ends, Negan — who has arrived for the collection much earlier than expected — hums Beethoven's 5th symphony and knocks on the gate, waiting to be let in.

Dwight And Daryl Talk In A Sneak Peek For Episode 3, "The Cell"

The latest promo for Episode 3 shows Daryl back at the Saviors compound talking with his old buddy Dwight. After watching several other presumed prisoners struggling with walkers outside the fences of the Saviors compound, Dwight offers Daryl a choice: commit to him and the Saviors or end up a prisoner, or worse - dead.

To read more about this clip, take a look here: New Clip From The Walking Dead Episode 3 Shows Dwight Offering Daryl A Choice

Daryl Is A Broken Man In The Promo For Episode 3, 'The Cell'

After being removed from Rick's group in Episode 1, the promo for Episode 3, "The Cell" gives us a glimpse of Daryl's life as Negan's prisoner. Poor Daryl already looked more animal than man in the premiere episode, and it doesn't seem like life is any easier for him back at the Saviors base.

In addition to Episode 3 being about Daryl, it looks like we might also get some more Dwight time with much of the promo focussing on the Savior. It could even be possible that Episode 3 contains a flashback which would finally explain exactly how he got those scars - we can only hope.

See Inside Negan's Compound In The Episode 3 Sneak Peek

After a long wait it looks like we're finally about to see inside Negan's compound in the next episode of The Walking Dead. During the sneak peek for Episode 3, "The Cell" we don't get much of a look inside, but we do get to see the elaborate security system the compound has in place around the perimeter. By tethering and impaling walkers around the outside of the compound and adding a mixture of concrete barriers, Negan and his Saviors have a rather thorough way of protecting their home. Though unfortunately at the sneak peek shows, it does require some brave souls to go out periodically for maintenance.

The Kingdom Revealed In Episode 2 Sneak Peek

After the premiere episode focussed on the 11 characters knelt before Negan, it looks like we're about to see a whole new community in Episode 2, "The Well." During the sneak peek we rejoin Morgan and an injured Carol who is still obviously dealing with the wounds sustained at the end of Season 6.

As Morgan wheels Carol around, we see that this new community has an elaborate and established set up, with huge gardens and Morgan tells Carol how he's been helping the community while Carol has been recovering. The sneak peeks ends with Morgan revealing the man in charge of the Kingdom calls himself 'King Ezekiel' and "does his own thing," to which a confused Carol replies "uh, what does that mean?" A good question really, but one that I guess we'll get the answer to when Episode 2 airs on October 30.

Gorey Sneak Peek For The Premiere Episode

With just under two weeks to go, AMC released what is probably the final piece of footage ahead of the Season 7 premiere. The footage dropped during New York Comic Con and stunned audiences when it revealed that Rick had survived Negan (at least for now), though was obviously a broken man after watching one of his group beaten to death in front of him. The scene ends with Negan dragging Rick into his RV, and the camera panning down to what's left of the victim - nothing more than bloody pulp.

TV Spot For Season 7

In their ongoing series of TV spots, AMC released a 30-second promo which contained a mixture of old and new footage. While we saw much of the footage in the Comic Con trailer, there was also new footage of Dwight wrestling with walkers, Morgan holding a gun next to a woman equipped with a bow and arrow, as well as Negan firing an automatic weapon, and uttering the haunting line "the thing is I am everywhere."

For a break down of this TV spot, take a look over here: Negan Is 'Everywhere' In Menacing New TV Spot for 'The Walking Dead' Season 7

TV Spot For Season 7 Premiere

Released at the end of August, AMC have begun airing new promos for Season 7, one of which was caught by Instagram user Jav313. While most of the footage in the promo comes from the trailer, there was a new piece of footage of Negan (seen after "new rules" flashes on screen) walking and playfully swinging around Lucille. The editing team also seem to have accidentally left in a watermark over this new piece of Negan footage in their haste to release it.

Preview Of Season 7 Premiere

Mysteriously dressed in Daryl's angel wing leather vest, our first sneak peek of Season 7 was footage from the premiere episode of Dwight cruising down the road on a motorcycle. After approaching a road that goes underneath an overpass, Dwight is confronted with a bunch of walkers who seem to have been severely injured prior to death. The clip ends as he seems to notice something to do with one of the walkers, and parks the motorcycle to get a closer look.

For a more in-depth look into this sneak peek, check out: Brand New 'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek Has Got Us Seriously InVESTed in Season 7


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