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With just a measly couple of weeks between us and the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7, the excitement is basically at fever pitch. AMC have tuned into this frenzy, and during the Walking Dead panel at this weekend's New York Comic Con they gifted fans with a brand new sneak peek from Season 7.

This isn't a trailer jam packed with action, but it does focus on one of the things we're most excited to see in this new season of The Walking Dead: the interaction between Rick and Negan, especially as it seems to cross off one potential answer to the big question left at the end of last season.

But don't take my word for it, take a look for yourself:

I don't know about you but that got me properly excited for October 23! It looks like we can expect the best season of the show yet.

Watch The Walking Dead when it returns to AMC with Season 7 on October 23.

What are you expecting from The Walking Dead Season 7?

Who will be killed? [AMC]
Who will be killed? [AMC]


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