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If every fan theory about was true, then we'll soon find out that the entire show is set in the same universe as Breaking Bad and that both shows have just been in Rick's head all along. Fortunately, most fan theories turn out instead to just be some harmless fun. However, one particular observation that's been doing the rounds recently has whipped the internet into a frenzy, and it revolves almost entirely around Daryl's frantic eyelids.

The theory suggests that during 's visit to Alexandria in Episode 4, dogfood-eating Daryl secretly communicated the location of the Saviors' base to Rick via morse code. While some have disregarded 'The Morse Code Theory', blaming everything from sunshine to a mild 'Easy Street' related seizure, it's hard to argue against the insurmountable evidence, including the contents of the message itself and the close-up of a Morse Code guide depicted earlier in the episode.

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

When asked whether the theory could be true, The Walking Dead's executive producer Scott Gimple initially gave a conflicted response that neither refuted nor confirmed Daryl's supposed use of morse code. Since then, Gimple has discussed 'The Morse Code Theory' in more depth, suggesting that someone other than the writers could instead be responsible for this covert form of messaging.

While Daryl's use of morse code wasn't explicitly written into the episode, Gimple now argues that the actors involved may have secretly included this without telling the show runners:

"Andy [Lincoln] and Norman [Reedus] are really close. I think the theory actually could be correct, but not within the story. Meaning, I don’t put it past those two gentlemen, who are now so unbelievably close, that maybe Andy and Norman were communicating with each other, like they were saying, “Oh, that was a good take. I really like what you did there. You’re really bringing it.”

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

This actually sounds quite feasible, and is more welcome than the idea that 'The Morse Code Theory' is all in the viewer's mind. However, this observation still raises two rather important questions:

1) If this was secretly carried out by the actors involved, then why did a scene earlier in the episode place such emphasis on the Morse Code guide hanging on the wall? Arguably, this could have been spotted by the editors once filming had finished, so they retroactively added the scene to support the actor's decision, but then wouldn't the producers be aware of this too?

2) Gimple works on set with the cast and crew, so why doesn't he just bloody ask someone involved to clarify or dispute the theory? Unless, of course, he's just covering the truth of The Morse Code Theory up in order to lay down more surprises in future episodes?

In case you need any more convincing, here's why The Walking Dead is the best shows in TV right now:

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Whether The Morse Code Theory is true or not, it just goes to show that few programs command such dedication from their fans as The Walking Dead. While ratings continue to drop for US audiences this season, Daryl's predicament is still a key talking point that shows no signs of slowing down over the coming weeks.


Do you think that Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln secretly devised the Morse Code scene themselves?

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