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The Walking Dead is full of interesting and deep characters, from the psychopathic Negan to the growing and shaken Carl. One of the more alluring characters in the series right now is Rosita Espinosa, the former member of Abraham's group who has recently won the hearts of fans around the world.

Rosita has proven herself to be a strong and determined fighter, who is willing to strike down anyone who poses a threat. Despite her vicious attitude, Rosita also has a caring side. She may be quick to violence, but usually only in the defense of her friends and her group. Even after their horrendous split, Rosita saved Abraham's life, showing how strong her empathy really is.

Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa [Credit: AMC]
Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa [Credit: AMC]

The part that is most intriguing about Rosita, to me, is her name, which perfectly matches her personality. Her name, Rosita, is Spanish for "little rose." Her last name, Espinosa, is nearly identical to the Spanish word "espinoza," which is an adjective describing something "full of thorns."

Put Rosita and "espinoza" together, and Rosita's name means "little rose full of thorns." This name is extremely fitting for Rosita, as she has proven herself to be a loving, caring woman (a little rose), while also showing her ruthlessness when necessary (full of thorns).

The History Of The Name

Rosita's first appearance in the comics and in the show [Credit: Image Comics / AMC]
Rosita's first appearance in the comics and in the show [Credit: Image Comics / AMC]

The cleverness of Rosita's name is not a master stroke by the show-runners of The Walking Dead, but rather by the creator of the comics, Robert Kirkman. Rosita first appeared in The Walking Dead comics alongside Abraham and Eugene, much like she did on the show. From there, she showed the readers why she deserved her name.

Rosita may not have been as much of a shining star in the comics as she is in the TV series, but she still kicked ass. Kirkman set up a great character, which the series has taken full advantage of.

Some credit does have to go to the minds behind the show. The TV series is known for straying a good distance away from the comics, drastically changing many of the characters. Nevertheless, the show did do a great job of portraying the "little rose full of thorns" from the comics on screen. If anything, they helped give her name more meaning.

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The Walking Dead is a great show, as it portrays countless characters during the most pivotal moments of their lives: when they are in the jaws of death. Rosita has been a great character to watch, as we have seen how sweet and loving she can be, while still seeing what she is capable of for survival. Learning the truth about her name only makes the character so much more powerful.

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