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If there's one thing that Walking Dead fans can't get enough of, it's a good fan theory. From the very beginning of the series, fans have been analyzing each frame of the series, and producing their own theories on what it might mean for a particular character.

As the series has gone on, many theories have been proven right (and, yes many have been proven wrong), but there's always more brewing among the fans, and this is the place to find them all.

Take a look below to check out all The Walking Dead fan theories are still current, and make sure you keep revisiting as we'll update this list regularly:

The story of the show is being told by "old man Carl"

For years now we've known that despite Rick being the main character, The Walking Dead is far more a story about Carl than Rick. However, a new fan theory takes that notion further to posit that the entire story of The Walking Dead is being told by a much older Carl recalling his memories of the days, months and years following the apocalypse.

YouTuber MOVIEIdol dreamt up this awesome theory, which is explained in an eight minute video (see above). Basically he theorizes that The Walking Dead will end with Rick Grimes dying before cutting to the "present" in which an old man Carl is retelling the story — told from Rick's perspective because his dad was his idol — as the sole survivor.

The future dream sequence hints at more deaths and more births

The group enjoy a meal as Morgan snuffs out two candles [AMC]
The group enjoy a meal as Morgan snuffs out two candles [AMC]

Right at the end of the Season 7 premiere, we saw a fantasy sequence of Rick's group back in Alexandria enjoying a meal together at some point in the future. At the top of the table sit Glenn and Abraham, and in Glenn's arms is his toddler son - the son he'll sadly never get to meet. While the table sequence would seem to indicate that Maggie will eventually give birth to a baby boy, it also hints that Sasha and Abraham would have had a child together, as she has a small but noticeable baby bump. Unfortunately that seems unlikely now.

But along with clues about babies, the fantasy sequence also possibly hints at something a little more grim: the deaths of two other beloved characters. As the camera pans along the group, it passes Morgan, who snuffs out two of the four candles in the middle of the table. Obviously the two candles Morgan extinguishes are supposed to symbolize the deaths of Glenn and Abraham - but what about the other two? Do the remaining candles symbolize Maggie and Sasha, the partners left behind, or could it be a hint that two more major characters will be killed off by the end of Season 7, and that their candles are sitting there just waiting to be snuffed? After the Season 7 premiere it almost doesn't bear thinking about!

Carl never cuts his hair because it was his connection with Lori

Lori cuts Carl's hair in Season 1 [AMC]
Lori cuts Carl's hair in Season 1 [AMC]

This heartbreaking theory posits that Carl Grimes has such long hair because he refuses to cut it as a way of remembering his mother, Lori. Back in Season 1 we saw Lori giving a fidgeting Carl a haircut and spotting the boy squirming, Shane tells him "You think this is bad, wait till you start shaving. That stings. That day comes, you'll be wishing for one of your mama's haircuts," to which Carl replies, "I'll believe that when I see it." Then the theory goes that when Lori died two seasons later, Carl, either consciously or subconsciously, chose not to cut his hair due to its connection to his now-deceased mom.

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are set in the same universe.

The blue meth in TWD S2 E2 [AMC]
The blue meth in TWD S2 E2 [AMC]

This theory has been around since Season 2, and posits that the series Breaking Bad (which is also an AMC series) is set in the same universe as The Walking Dead. There are a couple of points that support the theory, firstly it looked as though Merle Dixon used the same Blue Crystal meth that Heisenberg produced, and later Daryl described Merle's drug dealer as "this janky little white guy" who said "I'm gonna kill you, bitch" - a little Jesse Pinkman-esque, wouldn't you say? There was also a sly nod to the series when Glenn drove a red Dodge Charger back in Season 1 - the exact car that Walt had in Breaking Bad.

It's all in Rick's head

Rick wakes from his coma.. Or does he [AMC]
Rick wakes from his coma.. Or does he [AMC]

This is the theory that's been around basically since the show began - even since the comic began! Basically it puts forth that after Rick was shot and fell into a come he began dreaming about a zombie apocalypse, and that's what we've been watching week after week. The theory was shot down years ago by comic creator Robert Kirkman, however Kirkman doesn't write the TV series so there's still a slim outside chance that it could be correct. Other shows such as St Elsewhere and Roseanne have done similar things in the past, so maybe the Walking Dead could too.

Confirmed and debunked theories:

Who is the mysterious "boots?"

During The Walking Dead mid-season finale we were not only treated to an extended episode, but also a special post-credits scene! The scene, which has now been released online by AMC (see above), shows a quiet and calm Alexandria being watched over by Father Gabriel as well as mystery scout who surveys the community from a vantage point with a pair of binoculars before jumping to the ground and walking away unseen. This was the same character who we saw earlier in the episode keeping watch over Aaron and Rick as they collected supplies. So who is this "Boots" character? Here's the leading theories:

  • A Savior out scouting for Negan. This is possible, but not overly likely.
  • A member of Oceanside scouting. We know we'll see more of Oceanside at some stage, so could one of this female-only group have tracked Tara down and be watching her community?
  • A random lone survivor. We know there are still lone survivors out there, and it would make sense they would want to watch a community carefully before approaching.
  • A scout for a new group. This is a big possibility given we've already met a lot of new communities this season - could there be another one out there waiting to meet Rick and the gang? In fact many are speculating it could even be the mysterious Alpha from the comic series, a woman who leads a group of savage survivors known as The Whisperers.
  • Morales returns. Sadly it's unlikely, but in our heart of hearts surely we all want the mysterious Boots to be the return of Morales, a member of the original Atlanta camp who left in Season 1 with his family.

For a more in-depth look at all the theories on "Boots," take a look here: Who Is The Mysterious 'Boots' From 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale?

Negan kills Maggie and her unborn baby

Maggie's pregnancy was already in trouble in Season 6 [AMC]
Maggie's pregnancy was already in trouble in Season 6 [AMC]

After Greg Nicotero possibly revealed in a recent interview that two characters would be killed off, it's got theorists thinking that Maggie might be Negan's victim. Nicotero told EW "If we would have shown the deaths, then they wouldn’t have felt our characters in season 7 the way they need to," which seemed to confirm there would be two fatalities in the Season 7 premiere. Obviously if Negan kill Maggie it would automatically be a double death scenario seeing as she's currently pregnant.

For more information on this theory, take a look here: Did Negan Kill Off Maggie And Her Baby For 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere?

Negan kills TWO characters

Could Abe and Glenn die in the Season 7 premiere?
Could Abe and Glenn die in the Season 7 premiere?

One of the more recent theories to do with Negan's victim, this theory claims that it's likely that Negan will not only kill Glenn, but also Abraham. These two characters have been hot favorites as possible victims, and the idea that both of them die seems just crazy enough to work. The theory bases itself on the fact that neither actor has been spotted on set filming for Season 7 since the first episode, and has a lot of fans all over the internet agreeing with it.

For a more comprehensive look at this theory, click here: Could TWO Characters Be Killed Off In 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere?

Negan kills Glenn

Glenn v Lucille [AMC]
Glenn v Lucille [AMC]

Naturally Glenn is the top contender for possible Negan victim given his comic book counterpart's similar fate in the comic, but apparently there was also evidence from the finale episode that also hinted that he was the victim. According to one theorist, the point of view shots we saw while Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne were in the van belonged to Glenn, therefore it was reasonable to assume that the point of view shots seen in the Negan scenes also belonged to Glenn.

It's all broken down in great detail over here: Does This Theory Reveal A Big Hint About Who Got Lucille'd In 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale?

Negan kills Abraham

Negan takes out Abe? [AMC]
Negan takes out Abe? [AMC]

This is a little farfetched, but that's what fan theories are all about! One Redditor puts forth the idea that Abraham will be the one to die at the hands of Negan based on the fact that during Episode 14 Denise finds a can of soda called Orange Crush. Shortly after Denise finds the soda (which is Tara's favorite), she's killed in the exact same manner as Abraham is in the comic series. Now while many fans were celebrating that this meant that Abraham escaped death, this theory states that the episode actually foreshadowed Abraham's death with the name of the soda referring to his orange hair being crushed by Lucille.

For a closer examination of this theory, jump over here: Does This One Tiny Detail From Episode 14 Of 'The Walking Dead' Point To Negan's Victim?

What was your favorite ever Walking Dead fan theory?

Is Rick in a coma? [AMC]
Is Rick in a coma? [AMC]


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