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The Walking Dead returned with a bang this Sunday from its two month hiatus and while there are still a few haters out there, most of the fanbase was pleased with the episode and we are all excited for the upcoming seven episodes.

One of the best parts of the episode that really felt like The Walking Dead was truly back from the dead was the steel cable scene, which saw hundreds of walkers cut down by Rick and Michonne. However, exactly how many walkers were killed in this scene? The scene has been officially observed and it appears it set a new record.

'The Walking Dead' Sets A New Record

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

There have been many amazing scenes on The Walking Dead where a ton of zombies have been killed at once. For instance, the Season 6 premiere was focused on killing a huge mob of walkers and preventing them from raiding Alexandria.

What about when those walkers eventually raided Alexandria in the mid-season 6 premiere and Alexandria had to kill them all? There were a large amount of walkers killed throughout these episodes, but no specific scene holds a candle to the latest episode, which now holds the record for most walker kills.

What scene am I talking about? Obviously, the scene where Rick and Michonne mowed down a whole hoard of walkers with two cars and a steel cable between them in truly epic fashion that had us all clapping of joy.

Rick and Michonne attached the steel cable to both of their cars and as the pack of walkers roamed towards them, they sliced hundreds of walkers in two. There are so many walkers being annihilated at once that not even the producers who made the scene have an exact number, but they have a pretty solid estimate and are officially granting Rick and Michonne with the most confirmed kills.

AMC Story Sync [Credit: AMC]
AMC Story Sync [Credit: AMC]

AMC Story Sync is an interactive slideshow that the viewers play along with on their phones or on their computers. The viewer has the opportunity to answers some polls and questions along with viewing some really cool images and videos. At the end of the episode, they tell you which character you're most like based on your answers along with some statistics from the episode.

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This week's biggest stat revealed by AMC was that Rick and Michonne now hold the record for most confirmed walker kills — which is awesome. This only elevates the breathtaking scene, placing it next to some of the other highlight scenes from not just this season but from the entire series. All in all, when your friends tell you that "Rock in the Road" was boring, you can tell them to read this article.

What do you guys think of this statistic? Is it legit or is there another scene that tops it? Could another episode this season break this record or will we have to wait until Season 8? Tell me below!

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