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The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln just dropped a bloody, bold and resolute interview with EW, telling us that ''when war is called, there’s going to be bloodshed...'' Let's just hope that most of that blood is shed by Negan's side!

We've seen, time and again, just how deeply cast care for their characters, and this revealing interview is truly exciting for fans: Andrew Lincoln clearly loves Rick Grimes and his people as much as we do. Check out Lincoln's love for the show on a number of different Walking Dead issues...

On the Hilltop Reunion:

"Certainly the Hilltop reunion was a breath of fresh air. I know speaking for me and also Norman, both he and I had the proverbial stuff kicked out of us most of last season. And you know, it was just the one glimmer of hope in a very bleak and dark time for Rick and the crew. And we spoke about it a little bit that now you’re going to see different facets of Rick. You’re going to see a much lighter Rick because the thrill of the fight is on and I think that there’s a freedom that you’re going to see within him and maybe more of a political side to his nature."

It's almost like they're gonna... RISE UP...

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On Rick's New "Let's Fight" Mentality:

''Yeah, it’s a very dynamic back eight, certainly in the story, but also in where we travel, how quickly we travel. I think what he realized very quickly is that it’s one thing making a decision to fight, but you need guns and you need people, and at the moment, they’re completely outnumbered and outgunned. So there are a lot of pressures. Also, secrecy is paramount, but within that, there is a great verve and a sense of reclaiming themselves while doing it, which is certainly really good fun to play.''

On Whether Rick's Allies Will Have a Choice to Fight or Not:

"We don’t quite know their reactions just yet, and also, Rick is nothing if not persuasive, you know? In the past, his persuasiveness has pushed him into this more aggressive stance, but this time you’re going to see much more of a politician — somebody that is willing to hopefully compromise and find a way of persuading these people that the future with Negan as the all-powerful leader is only going to be bad for everybody concerned ultimately, no matter what their relationship with him is currently."

Daryl and Rick's emotional reunion on 'The Walking Dead' 7a Finale [Credit: AMC]
Daryl and Rick's emotional reunion on 'The Walking Dead' 7a Finale [Credit: AMC]

On Imminent, Unavoidable DEATH:

''These issues have always been faced by anybody leading any community in the world, and certainly in this apocalyptic landscape. Ultimately, everybody knows that when war is called, there’s going to be bloodshed. And interestingly, I think he realizes that this division is going to put him very much in the firing line and it’s incredibly dangerous for everybody concerned, and that is very much part of the discussion in this back eight. And also, it’s going to show what kind of a leader Rick is now, whether or not he’s willing to allow people to choose their own way in this very, very dangerous new world. Then again, some of my favorite scenes were in and around this conflict of interest. He wants this man to be defeated, but at what cost?''

The Walking Dead 7b starts with episode 9, 'Rock in the Road,' February 12, 2017 on AMC.


Which side will shed more blood in the coming war?

(Source: EW)


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