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You won't have to wait much longer to get your fix of The Walking Dead, because in less than a month, Season 8's premiere will kick off one of the most explosive seasons yet. The newest season is set to pick up shortly after the Alexandrians make their stand against Negan. This particular event is expected to see a massive fight between Negan's army and the united forces of Alexandria, the Kingdom and the Hilltop take place. We should be prepared for the television equivalent of the "All Out War" event to be distinctly different from the comics.

That said, since previous seasons of have proven that anything can happen on this show, we should also be prepared for Season 8's major shake-ups to lead to new and exciting pairings. Thanks to a recent hint dropped by executive producer Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead might not only bring us war, but new alliances, friendships and maybe even romances, too.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Prepare For New Team-Ups In Season 8

Season 8 will hold even more surprises for the audience to get excited over, including various new team-ups taking place. Gimple talked about these new character dynamics in a recent interview with TVLine. During the interview, Gimple dropped a mysterious hint about new character pairings that'll be formed as the season's action heats up:

"We’ll see characters affect one another that we haven’t seen affect one another before, or even just thrown together that we haven’t seen thrown together."

The new pairings sound like they're going to surprise us all. They're also of interest because any new duo adventures are probably going to be quite entertaining to see unfold. Past seasons of The Walking Dead have shown that spontaneous pairings lead to positive results, so more random pairings are probably a good direction to go in. Just take a look at Michonne and Rick — or rather, Richonne — now. The whole adventure that is their rocky relationship has arguably become one of the best plot-threads on the series and totally worth the watch. Gimple's mention of these new pairings cropping up may turn out to have a positive effect on fan's reception of every character on The Walking Dead.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

In light of the rising interest in these new pairings, here are the most entertaining duos we'll could see team up this season. Some of these have already been teased in the Comic-Con trailer, so you can already guess just how some of these dynamics are going to play out, especially if you know these characters inside and out.

Tara And Dwight

Tara and Dwight might seem like two characters The Walking Dead you'd never pair together, especially considering their past together involves Dwight killing Tara's old girlfriend. Unfortunately for Tara, she's going to have to get along with Dwight for the time being since he's Alexandria's inside man at Negan's Sanctuary. But when his purpose has been fulfilled, all bets are off on Tara sparing his life.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

She doesn't make it visible, but Denise's death surely affected her. With that known, any time she has to spend near Dwight will probably lead to her considering killing him on the spot. Let's just hope she doesn't pull the trigger before Dwight can do his part in taking Negan down. An image from the Season 8 trailer seems to provide evidence towards the prospect of Tara killing Dwight being true. She can be seen holding a gun, miming the action of shooting someone. We can only guess who she could want to be aiming at and Dwight being the most feasible candidate.

Gabriel And Negan

The prospect of Father Gabriel and Negan being teamed up with each other was already teased in the Comic-Con trailer for Season 8, but Gimple's recent comments seem to heavily imply this pairing will happen. The two were last seen trapped in a recreational vehicle, surrounded by walkers, with the situation looking dire. If they're both going to make it out alive, they're going to have to work together. The question is, will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to do so?

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Father Gabriel is still a peaceful man who could put his squabbles with Negan aside to ensure their own survival, so he's not an issue in this situation. Negan on the other hand, is a whole nother story. Negan has been just as ruthless in the past, so I wouldn't put it past him to use Gabriel to save his own life. However, Negan being skilled enough to protect himself likely means he won't need Gabriel's assistance to get out of the trapped RV. If he decides not to kill Gabriel at the same time, Negan and Gabriel might end up working together to figure out a solution to their little problem. Some could argue that Negan won't lift a finger to save Gabriel, but his recently-seen merciful side might result in Negan actively trying to keep Gabriel alive.

Morgan And Jesus

The Morgan and Jesus team-up will probably be the most intriguing to see play out. They possess very similar philosophies, and tactically use similar methods to subdue adversaries. Their appearance together in the Season 8 trailer shows them in what looks to be a disagreement of some kind and apparently leads to them physically fighting one another.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Of course, it is possible they're simply testing each other's skills with a sparring session in the woods. Neither of them are very pompous or obnoxious about their combative skills, but were their level of skill to come up in a conversation, they could feasibly wind up testing each other. It only takes a few words taken out of context to make friendly comments into a challenge, and that's what we may be seeing in the scene above.

Rosita And Michonne

Rosita and Michonne working together will probably be the most fun to see team up with each other. They're both very outspoken with strong personalities, and they might not be receptive to the other's attitude. Rosita still in kind of a slump after Sasha's death, so her demeanor towards others might not be all that great. If so, Michonne will most likely to try to put Rosita in her place by checking her for the attitude, which could lead to them encountering problems on their journey.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

The idea of them arguing might be a bit speculative, but images from the Season 8 trailer show an agitated Michonne in a car with Rosita, giving us the impression that they will be stuck on a mission that isn't going well. Just from looking at Michonne, she doesn't look too happy to be there.

Carol And Tara

Carol and Tara are obviously going to be teamed up after seeing them in the Season 8 trailer. They briefly had interactions with each other in Season 6 when Alexandria was invaded by the Wolves but their interactions in Season 8 seem to depict them now on an adventure together.

The two of them can be seen sitting on an overpass together, with several hundreds of walkers right underneath them. In the comics, a horde of walkers was set upon Negan's Sanctuary during the "All Out War" event, therefore a similar play could be made by Rick's army in the upcoming events of Season 8. From the looks of it, Tara and Carol are part of the operation too.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

The walkers surrounding them make it impossible for Tara and Carol to just get up and leave, so this time spent together seems like a perfect opportunity for them to bond. Bear in mind that Carol hasn't always been the most personable person, especially in stressful situations. She could very well give Tara the cold shoulder throughout this mission, too.

Let's just hope Carol can keeps things cool with Tara because they're going to have rely on each other to survive, what with a couple hundred walkers having them surrounded and all. Plus, it's not like those are the only zombies in this fictional universe, there are plenty in the surrounding areas that could be just as dangerous to them.

These New Team-Up Teases Prove Anything Can Happen In Season 8

Apart from the new pairs listed above, Season 8 could feasibly introduce any number of teams being made up. Assuming Gimple didn't just mean the main characters would be set up in new teams, we could wind up seeing minor characters like the Kingdom's Jerry partnered with someone completely unexpected.

With The Walking Dead being known for its surprise plot twists, plopping two polar opposites in a life-threatening situation seems like one of those things we won't see coming. These new pairings, should they happen, could make for some interesting plot threads being established in the forthcoming season of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season on October 22, 2017.

What new team-ups do you want to see in Season 8 of The Walking Dead? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: TVLine]


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