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Seven days is a long time between zombie fixes, and after devouring an episode of The Walking Dead, there's no doubt you'll need more — and fast. Luckily for us, AMC provides us with just enough previews and promos to make it through the coming zombie-less days.

Following the screening of the latest episode, traditionally releases a short 30-second promo, as well as a longer preview of a specific scene from the upcoming episode. Here you'll find a list of all Season 8 promos and previews as they are released, along with a breakdown of the key points noted from the footage.

This article will be constantly updated throughout the season so be sure to check back weekly to keep up to date.

Carl Hears Voices In The Sneak Peek For Episode 1 'Mercy'

Our first meaty bit of footage from the Season 8 premiere came courtesy of The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic-Con. The three-minute clip features Carl, and seems to be an almost shot-for-shot remake of the first scene of the series' very first episode — which is a fitting tribute considering the Season 8 premiere is the show's 100th episode.

The clip shows Carl — who can now drive a lot better than last we saw — driving along the highway in everyone's favorite Chevy van. After pulling up at a traffic snarl he begins to search an abandoned camp and gas station for fuel. However, he's soon startled when he hears a voice say:

"Hi. I'm ok, I mean, I'm not. I've been shot at, someone threw a microwave at me, so I'm just going to say something my mom used to say and hope for the best here. Whatever you have of good, spend on the traveler. My mom said that helping the traveler, the person without a home, that's everything. I'm sure you've seen things, been through things — that you don't trust people. I get it. I get it. I don't either. I've been through things too, my mom, she also said that may my mercy prevail over my wrath. Thank you, it's not all my mom, that one that's from the Qur'an. Uh, I shouldn't have said that. I don't even know you but I haven't eaten in a few days and you might not even be real."

'The Walking Dead' Season 1 vs. Season 8 premieres [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' Season 1 vs. Season 8 premieres [Credit: AMC]

Obviously freaked out, Carl looks under a car (mimicking his father's actions from the show premiere) and sees a pair of moving legs. As the sneak peek comes to an end, Carl dashes around the cars and confronts who he believes is the speaker, telling him "hands up!" However, if the Season 8 premiere truly is recreating the series' premiere then fans may suspect that the "person" Carl confronts is actually a walker — similar to the infamous bunny slippers walker that Rick shot in the face. So, was Carl losing it and hearing a walker "speak," or is it actually a living person? We'll have to wait until October 22 to find out.

Rick Gives A Rousing Speech In New Season 8 Promo

In this brand new promo, not only does Rick give an inspiring speech to his allies, but we also get a glimpse at an older Judith! Obviously Judith is much too young to be anywhere near the fighting that Season 8 will bring, but it's nice to see her appear in a tender moment between father and daughter.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

The promo shows Rick giving a rousing speech to a group, telling them:

"The world is ours. With everything we've beat, everything we've become, no matter what comes next, we've already won."

Meanwhile we see shots of various footage including:

  • Rick carrying a gun, bathed in sunlight.
  • Rick kissing Judith while she plays at Alexandria.
  • Rick having a moment of reflection at the graves of Abraham and Glenn at Hilltop.
  • Daryl and Rick armed and ready as they walk down an alleyway.
  • Rick in a dark hallway.
  • Rick giving his rousing speech and being received by an enthusiastic cheer.

With Rick and his army ready for action, Negan and the Saviors better be prepared for a fight.

Maggie Calls For Faith In TV Spot For Season 8

With Maggie now basically the leader of the Hilltop community, it seems as though she'll have a major role in the upcoming war with Negan. In this promo both Maggie and Rick give the survivors an inspiring speech, telling them something they will undoubtedly need to remember going forward. First Rick tells the group:

"The world is ours by right. We've come together for it. All of us."

Before Maggie follows up:

"We need to keep our faith in each other. If we can hold onto that with everything we have, the future is ours. The world is ours."

Throughout the promo we see images of what looks like the group leading a herd of walkers, close ups of all the main characters and a smattering of action shots as warfare gets underway. Hopefully throughout it all they retain absolute faith in their fellow soldiers, and bring Negan to his knees.

Full-Length Trailer For Season 8

Our very first look at The Walking Dead Season 8 came during San Diego Comic-Con when the official trailer was released. At over five minutes in length, the trailer gave us an intriguing and shocking insight into where the first half of Season 8 will be taking us. Showing us basically every single main character of the series, the footage left us with the overwhelming feeling that war is most certainly underway and no one is safe.

For a more in-depth look into this trailer, check out: Your Comprehensive Breakdown Of 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Trailer

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.


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