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Warning: potential spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8 ahead.

It's no secret that The Walking Dead cast like to share the filming process with their fans, often posing with their fellow characters between takes and sharing the zombie love on social media. But with the much-anticipated eighth season having just begun filming, precautions must be taken to ensure nothing gets accidentally leaked to the public. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out.

Sure, the show has leaked false information before in order to confuse spoiler-hungry fans. However, it looks like one cast member may have slipped up and divulged some details about Season 8 premiere via an Instagram photo.

Damn, Daniel!

Daniel Newman might not yet be a recognized name in the world of The Walking Dead, but you'll probably remember his face. He plays a soldier from The Kingdom also named Daniel. He was Morgan and Rick's first introduction to The Kingdom, and was one of the men on horseback responsible for rescuing Carol after she fled Alexandria in Season 6.

Season 8 is officially underway, and we know from last season that Rick is more than ready to take on Negan. That's right: All Out War is finally upon us. But while there's no denying this feud will be the focus of Season 8, the specifics of each episode have still been a mystery. However, Newman's social media feeds may have provided an insight into Rick's movements in the first episode.

The actor posted the following selfie to his Instagram with his fellow allies before quickly deleting the photo. Thankfully, Redditor Ponybro2 grabbed it before it disappeared forever:

It's clear to see from the concrete building and metal stairway behind them that the trio are outside the Sanctuary. Which can mean only one thing: Season 8 will kick off with Rick coming to Negan.

This matches the events of Issue 115 of The Walking Dead comics, with Rick leading an assault on The Sanctuary with members of Hilltop, Alexandria and The Kingdom.

What Does This Tell Us About Season 8?

One thing's for sure: Scott Gimple was right about the amped-up action in the season ahead. While fans may worry about the possibility of more slow-paced, dialogue-driven character episodes, it looks like The Walking Dead is indeed going back to its roots and taking care of business the old fashioned way: with violence, and lots of it. And don't forget that Andrew Lincoln himself claimed the Season 8 premiere would be one of the best episodes ever.

Let's just hope this mistake hasn't caused poor Daniel his character's life as punishment for his carelessness. After all, Rick needs all the capable fighters he can get.

What are your predictions for The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere?


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