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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Episode 14, "The Other Side"

This is it folks, we're just a few episodes away from the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, and boy if Episode 14, "The Other Side" didn't build some major tension for the inevitably awesome final hour.

As dedicated Walking Dead fans will know, the show operates in three episode arcs, and Episode 14 was the first episode of the final arc of Season 7. While a lot of details from this episode are sure to come into play later on, it didn't mean this episode was a snooze-fest. Far from it! We were welcomed into Episode 14 with a dip back in time to see the Hilltop army shaping up nicely, before Rosita arriving to the community to ask Sasha to join her in taking down Negan. From there we watched these women undertake their mission, and meanwhile at Hilltop were treated to a rare appearance by Simon and his men, who took Dr. Carson back to Negan's base to replace, well, Dr. Carson.

Among all of that there was a smattering of smaller details to be spotted throughout "The Other Side," so take a look at the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead, Episode 14 "The Other Side."

1. Sasha is as dead as the last person to wear that necklace

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Though we saw that Sasha was given Abraham's necklace way back in Episode 5, Sasha had no way of knowing that the necklace had actually been made by Rosita. The necklace — which is made from a piece of broken tail light — was gifted to Abe by Rosita in Season 6, Episode 11, though he quickly lost it during the scuffle at the hilltop. It was also in this episode that Abraham realized that he was in love with Sasha, and the forgotten necklace kind of became a symbol of his relationship and past with Rosita, quickly discarded.

Rosita spotting the necklace was a pretty sad moment in Episode 14, however after Sasha sealed her fate by locking herself inside the Saviors compound, it seems she will probably end up as dead as the last person to wear the necklace. And if that does happen, hopefully the group never see the sight of that piece of cursed jewelry again.

2. The Saviors call walkers "dead ones"

Over the years we've heard a ton of different names for zombies (though, obviously never actually the word "zombie" for parallel universe reasons), including walkers, roamers, lurkers, geeks and biters. And this week we learned what the Saviors called them in a moment you would have had to be quick to miss.

The Savior-preferred moniker was confirmed as "dead ones" during the scene in which Rosita and Sasha hear Eugene over the walkie talkie. Eugene gives the order for more walkers to be gathered, saying: "This is Dr. Eugene Porter, Chief Engineer, speaking. I'm gonna need a dozen more walkers, a.k.a. 'dead ones' in the local parlance, for expanding the fence protocol PDQ."

We actually also heard the name mentioned during Episode 11 when Dwight described how Sherry supposedly died ("She ran away from me right into a mess of dead ones, so, I, uh made it quick"), and while it's not the most creative name, at least it's descriptive!

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3. What is Eugene playing at?

He was only in the episode for a short amount of time, but what we did see from Eugene and the Gremblygunk wasn't exactly promising. After seeing and hearing him ordering around workers at the base, Eugene then turned down Sasha and Rosita's offer of freedom from the Saviors. But was this because "Chief Engineer" Eugene is now totally loyal to Negan, or just because he'd rather take guaranteed survival over the risk of fleeing?

To be honest it definitely all still seems like an act. Eugene is a master at protecting his own ass, and he's doing that extremely well at the Savior's base, perhaps even a little too well. With the group leading up to war, we can only hope that Eugene will be soon be back at Alexandria, but for the time being Eugene is showing as much loyalty to Negan as he can to ensure a comfortable life. The only positive to this strategy for anyone else other than Eugene, is that if Eugene manages to get back to Alexandria, he'll have a wealth of knowledge about how the group operates. But basically, this is all about Eugene looking out for Eugene.

4. Gregory has been welcomed at the Sanctuary

Simon gives directions to Negan's main base [Credit: AMC]
Simon gives directions to Negan's main base [Credit: AMC]

We all know Gregory is a total snake, but now that snake has directions to Negan's base with a promise of a hassle-free entry. Up until now Gregory only knew where one of Negan's outposts was based, but now that he's got this new information he's just become a huge threat to the groups' plan.

Gregory going to Negan with all his knowledge of the survival of Maggie and Daryl, as well as Rick's plan to take on the Saviors, could be absolutely disastrous for the group, but unfortunately it almost seems inevitable. Gregory is a massive coward and, much like Eugene, is basically out to ensure his survival by any means possible. Eager to please his evil overlord, Gregory may think that selling out Rick and Co to Negan will mean he'll curry favor with Negan, but if he does that then I wouldn't count on the residents of Hilltop looking upon him too favorably.

5. That shadowy figure was probably Dwight

Dwight or Daryl? [Credit: AMC]
Dwight or Daryl? [Credit: AMC]

While the earlier scene in which Daryl shows concern at Rosita and Sasha's whereabouts might have you thinking that he was the shadowy figure at the end of the episode, in all likelihood it's probably Dwight, the other long-haired crossbow user of the apocalypse. But, even if it is Dwight who's spotted Rosita, it might not not spell death for her, given Dwight's growing disenchantment with life under Negan.

We know from Episode 11 that Sherry has now left the Saviors for what we can assume is good, meaning Dwight appears to have little reason to remain with the group, unless, of course, he really is completely under Negan's spell. What seems more likely is that Dwight is looking for opportunities to get away from the Big Bad, and this chance encounter with Rosita could just be that opening.

Dwight and Daryl in an earlier episode [Credit: AMC]
Dwight and Daryl in an earlier episode [Credit: AMC]

Earlier in the season, Lennie James (Morgan) spoke that there would be "some people who are going to come over to the light [side, a.k.a Rick's side]" during Season 7b. With these comments in mind, and this shadowy figure, could we see Dwight decide to team up with Rick? Dwight would certainly provide a lot of useful information to Rick's side, and could even work from within Negan's camp to thwart plans. Could this enemy turn into an ally?

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