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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Episode 7 "Sing Me A Song"

Guys we did it. After being mainly confined to one community per episode since Season 7 began, Episode 7 "Sing Me A Song" finally returned to the regular style of Walking Dead, showing multiple characters and settings throughout the extended 90 minute run time.

Daryl in The Walking Dead [Gene Page/AMC]
Daryl in The Walking Dead [Gene Page/AMC]

This week we finally got to see how Carl and Jesus' crazy adventure to the Sanctuary panned out (spoilers: Surprisingly well considering Carl made his entrance by mowing a few Saviors down with a semi-automatic), caught up with Rick and Aaron as they came across what is possibly our first doomsday prepper, as well as following Michonne on her mission to take on the Saviors singlehandedly. Meanwhile Spencer took a side quest which yielded impressive results, and Rosita forced Eugene to make her a bullet, and we learned exactly how Dwight got those savage burns.

All in all it was one hell of an episode, with a lot going on compared to recent weeks, so with all of that to wrap your head around, check out the five thing you might have missed in The Walking Dead Episode 7, "Sing Me A Song".

1. Straight out of Issue 105

Carl and Negan in his fancy bedroom [AMC]
Carl and Negan in his fancy bedroom [AMC]

While not all of Episode 7 was based in comic book storylines, most of what took place between Carl and Negan at the sanctuary was directly from Issue 105. There were panels and lines of dialogue taken straight from the comics, and fans would have been stoked to see the Negan/Carl relationship progress further after their first few interactions.

After admitting that Carl actually scared him, Negan then humiliated the young Grimes by forcing him to reveal his gruesome eye wound and forcing him to sing a song — hence the episode title. But not content with simple embarrassing Carl, Negan then shocked him to his core by making him watch on as he dished out Negan's other favored form of punishment, a hot iron to the face. Yeouch.

2. Alexandria went electric!

Spencer in his delightful electric car [AMC]
Spencer in his delightful electric car [AMC]

We all know that The Walking Dead survivors much prefer taking a car over walking or, God forbid, cycling. And this week it was cool to see an electric car appear in the series! Not only is an electric car a great idea because of the stealth it gives the drivers among all the walkers, but it's a smart move with all of Alexandria's solar panels and also because of the state of gas and diesel at this point in the apocalypse.

While it probably never crossed your mind, gasoline and diesel don't actually last forever, and are rendered useless quicker than you might think. The lifespan of gasoline can be extended to around a year, and the lifespan of diesel up to five years thanks to fuel stabilizers, though considering The Walking Dead timeline puts the survivors about two years into the apocalypse, we should really see the characters using less and less fuel-powered cars, and more electric ones.

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3. Father Gabriel likely foreshadowed Spencer's death

We've seen a few road trips in The Walking Dead over the years, but none were quite as good as this weeks bro-ad trip between Spencer and Father Gabriel. Sadly it didn't last long, though it definitely endeared us to Gabriel more than any other episode in the series thus far — at least in my opinion. In fact, Gabriel's stinging line to Spencer not only turned me into a fan of his, but also seemed to hint at Spencer's oft-rumored demise.

After conversing with Spencer about how Rick was a good man, and worthy of leading Alexandria he told Spencer "what you're saying doesn't make you a sinner, but it makes you a tremendous shit. Just for now — it doesn't have to be terminal." Spencer even seemed to take Gabriel's words to heart, going off into the forest and later returning to the safe zone with a cache of supplies, playing his part in finding food to give to the Saviors. However with Rick still gone and Negan now once again inside Alexandria, will Spencer accept that Rick is the right man to lead, or will he continue bad-mouthing him in a move which could indeed prove to be terminal? Personally I'm going with the latter. After all, what's a mid-season finale without a little bloodshed?

4. Spencer referenced Deanna's favorite saying

After coming across a reanimated hunter on a tree stand in the forest, Spencer not only managed to score himself a compound bow, but also directions to several hidden supply caches. And it looks like the directions were discovered by exactly the right person seeing as the happened to be written in Latin — a class Spencer revealed he took for many years.

But not only did Spencer manage to decipher the directions, he also gave a sweet nod to another Latin scholar, his mother Deanna. Spencer told Rosita that although he loathed the class, he struggled through Latin for years, with his mother telling him "someday this pain will be useful to you." At face value it was a cute anecdote, but it turns out that we already knew Deanna's favorite saying, having seen and heard her mention it a couple of times, but in its Latin form.

Deanna plans Alexandria in The Walking Dead Season 6 [AMC]
Deanna plans Alexandria in The Walking Dead Season 6 [AMC]

Way back in Season 6, Episode 5 Deanna was struck by inspiration about what Alexandria could one day become, and started work on planning education initiatives and crop gardens to sustain the community in the future. After laying down her plans on the map, she wrote down the phrase "dolor hic tibi proderit olim," which, yep you guessed it, means "someday this pain will be useful to you."

Deanna shortly before she died in The Walking Dead Season 6 [AMC]
Deanna shortly before she died in The Walking Dead Season 6 [AMC]

But that wasn't the only time Deanna used the phrase for inspiration, and it was actually one of the final things she said before sacrificing herself to the herd of walkers that overtook Alexandria in Season 6, Episode 8. After Michonne offered to kill Deanna to save her from reanimation, Deanna replied "Not ready. Not yet. I will be. Soon. And when I am I'll do it myself. It's my life, start to finish. Dolor hic tibi proderit olim." After Michonne asked her what the phrase meant, she translated "someday this pain will be useful to you."

5. Did Daryl and Carl whisper something to each other?

Daryl passes Carl the tray but does he also say something? [AMC]
Daryl passes Carl the tray but does he also say something? [AMC]

After Carl was introduced to Negan's luxurious harem of wives, it seems like the Big Bad couldn't resist showing Carl just how much his men had broken Daryl, when he had Dwight escort him into the room to hand over a platter of food. However while Carl and Daryl appeared to resist talking to each other, there was one moment when Daryl handed over the plate, and Carl bent his head awkwardly that almost looked as though Carl or Daryl whispered something to each other.

Moments later Daryl definitely did whisper something to Carl, though it seemed like it was something more along the lines of "get out." Given that Daryl was led to believe that Maggie was dead when the Saviors visited Alexandria in Episode 4, it would have been a very sweet move of Carl to whisper to Daryl something along the lines of "she's ok" or "Maggie's alive" during the platter exchange, though perhaps it was Daryl offering Carl words of wisdom about how to deal with Negan.

What do you think — did Carl and Daryl exchange words during the platter exchange or was it simple Carl holding his head awkwardly?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating" on December 11 at 9pm ET.


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