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Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead below.

We might have had the burgeoning relationship between Eugene and the Gremblygunk in last week's episode of The Walking Dead, but this week during Episode 12, "Say Yes," we got to see a lighter side of Rick as he and Michonne went on a romantic supply run.

If there's one thing that seems to keep couples together in a post-apocalypse world, it's slaying walkers together, and we got to see plenty of our favorite couple doing just that in Episode 12. Aside from Rick and Michonne at the fun fair, the residents of Alexandria got a spotlight, including Rosita who has become increasingly unsatisfied with sitting back and waiting for Rick to do the work. By the end of the episode Rosita had ditched Alexandria, taking one of their newly scavenged sniper rifles with her, and made her way to the Hilltop to form a duo with Sasha, a.k.a the other woman who had sex with that dead guy - as she put it back in Episode 9. Meanwhile after a heart-to-heart with Judith, Tara looks like she had come to an important decision as well.

But aside from the comic relief and the relief of Rick and Michonne finding so many supplies, there was plenty else that happened throughout Episode 12. Take a look below to check out the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead, Episode 12, "Say Yes."

1. Sasha will probably take a major comic storyline

Sasha telling Rosita she wants to take the shot [Credit: AMC]
Sasha telling Rosita she wants to take the shot [Credit: AMC]

Despite it being eleven episodes since Glenn and Abraham were killed in The Walking Dead, in terms of time passing inside the Walking Dead universe it's only been a week or so since the horrific murders (yeah seriously!), so with that knowledge it seems a little easier to understand Rosita's angriness over the fact that retribution isn't coming as swiftly to the Saviors as she might like.

Eager to take things into her own hands, Episode 12 ended with her approaching Sasha and the pair deciding to try and take out Negan themselves. Rosita and Sasha both have absolutely nothing to lose at this stage, and while Rosita looked like the one who was totally willing to sacrifice herself, in reality it will likely be Sasha. This seems extra probable due to the fact that actress Sonequa Martin-Green who plays Sasha was recently cast as the lead in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series.

Sasha takes the sniper rifle [Credit: AMC]
Sasha takes the sniper rifle [Credit: AMC]

Read on for comic spoilers about what might lead to Sasha's death:

It looks as though the show is prepping Sasha to take the storyline of the comic book character, Holly. The character of Holly is pretty heroic in the comics, basically sacrificing herself to try and take down Negan. Unfortunately in the process she is captured by Negan and later offered back to Rick as a goodwill gesture. However, during the exchange Holly's head was covered by a sack, and after she is returned to Alexandria it's revealed that it was all a trick, and that Holly has been killed and is now a walker. Unfortunately Holly ends up biting Denise, but given that Denise is already dead, perhaps the TV series has a different character in mind for a reanimated Sasha to take down.

2. There were a lot of callbacks to previous season

Rick and Michonne fall through the ceiling [Credit: AMC}
Rick and Michonne fall through the ceiling [Credit: AMC}

While we've never come across a carnival of the living dead in The Walking Dead before, there were a number of moments in the episode that looked like they were a tip of the cap to previous episodes of the show in prior seasons.

First up was that roof scene, with Rick and Michonne falling though a weak patch in the roof and finding their haul of supplies. This seemed almost like the reverse of the episode from Season 4, Episode 1 when a supply group found a heap of supplies in a store, only for their shopping to turn disastrous when walkers were attracted to a weak part of the store roof and came crashing through, along with a helicopter. RIP Beth's boyfriend.

Carl and the deer in Season 2, Episode 1 [Credit: AMC]
Carl and the deer in Season 2, Episode 1 [Credit: AMC]

The CGI deer scene also pulled our memory back to the last time a member of the group admired a deer — Carl, way back in Season 2, just moments before he was shot by Otis. Rosita's melty-necked walker and Rick's windshield walker both also seemed reminiscent of Season 2, in particular the well walker which almost took a chunk out of Glenn. And speaking of Glenn, Rick seemed to take a leaf from his book when he managed to get inside a dumpster, as Glenn did in Season 6, to escape the herd of walkers which eventually ended up eating the deer.

There was also the school buses outside the buildings, like the ones used when the Woodbury residents moved into the prison. And of course, there was the ultimate call back when an emotional Rick told Michonne how Glenn had saved Rick's life "right at the start." Aww.

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3. There were a lot of references to famous movies

Greg Nicotero directed Episode 12, and as with any Nicotero-directed episode there were movie references galore! Naturally Zombieland sprung to mind with Rick and Michonne at the carnival, but there was also Nicotero's trademark "tribute zombies". First up was the nod to Creepshow with the walker in the ticket booth, which Nicotero revealed on Instagram ahead of the episode screening, but over the weekend at Walker Stalker Con London, he also mentioned that there was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it tribute zombie to the 1977 film The Incredible Melting Man.

Not only were there tribute zombies and zombie movies referenced, but the scene with Michonne killing walkers seen only in silhouette was definitely a tip of the cap to Quentin Tarantino and the Bride in Kill Bill. Speaking with Movie Pilot, Nicotero went into detail about why they didn't directly show the kill, opting instead to mix things up.

Nicotero said:

"We did that [the silhouette shot] on purpose. We specifically wanted to make sure that we didn't get into another zombie kill sequence that would feel a little fatigued... We just thought, 'you know what, we don't need to see every single kill, it's still exciting... We definitely stole from Quentin [Tarantino] on that one — I don't think he'd mind."

4. That death fake out wasn't supposed to fool the audience, it was to fool Michonne

Michonne thinking Rick was dead [Credit: AMC]
Michonne thinking Rick was dead [Credit: AMC]

A deer almost lead to the death of Carl in Season 2, and this week it very nearly lead to Rick's death in Season 7. But while some fans are crying out that the Rick death fake-out scene was totally unconvincing, they're kind of missing the point. That scene wasn't to make the audience think Rick was dead, it was to show us Michonne's response to thinking Rick was dead.

Rick and Michonne's relationship is still quite new to viewers, and a good part of Episode 12 was investing time showing how the two interact now that they're in a romantic relationship. While we saw a lot of them working together as a team, as well as their physical relationship, the scene where Michonne thought Rick was dead really showed how much he meant to her. Basically if he was dead, she wanted to be dead as well.

5. We'll probably be returning to Oceanside in Episode 14

Tara and Judith in Episode 12 [Credit: AMC]
Tara and Judith in Episode 12 [Credit: AMC]

While it might have been Rosita who was all about the action this week back at Alexandria, it also appeared as though Tara was fighting a battle of her own. Since returning from her failed supply run, Tara has kept quiet about her stay with the Oceanside community, eager to keep her promise to Cyndie. But with the hunt for guns harder than anticipated, and with as many as possible needed to take on Negan, Tara had a heart-to-heart with Judith and by the end of the episode it seemed like she was ready to reveal the group's existence to Rick.

As Tara told Judith, the major concern with Oceanside is that they shoot first, talk second and are totally content with living their lives hidden away from any conflict. So a big issue will be being able to make peaceful contact with the group and then somehow convincing them to let Rick's crew use their weapons. Take about a tall order. Given that the promo for Episode 13, "Bury Me Here" (see below) looks like it will primarily concern the Kingdom, it's unlikely that we'll seen Oceanside next week, but in Episode 14 it could be all on!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 13 on March 12


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