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If any publicity is good publicity, then The Walking Dead definitely has reason to celebrate. Recently-released statistics from Nielson have shown the zombie drama had way more social media mentions than any other show during the past TV season, outranking every other series by at least a million views per episode.

Season 7 stacked up an average 2 million views every single episode across Twitter and Facebook in the US alone. Chandler Riggs himself triggered a large amount of the conversation — 15%, in fact. After all, the teen actor's twitter commentary during new episode releases have become a firm fan favorite.

Granted, the online commentary hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine. Ratings experienced a significant drop during Season 7, with many fans criticizing everything from the show's pacing to its intense violence. Nevertheless, even these criticisms helped boost The Walking Dead's reputation as the most discussed show on social media.

The Topics That Got You Talking

The Walking Dead had more than its fair share of shocking moments during Season 7, causing mixed reactions amongst fans. Whether you loved the past season's direction or found yourself on the other end of the spectrum, chances are you probably took to social media to express your thoughts.

Let's take a look at some of The Walking Dead Season 7's biggest moments that had fans glued to their keyboards:

Lucille's Victims

Sorry to take you back to the haunting events of that fateful night, but the Season 7 premiere had to be the most notorious episode of The Walking Dead yet. The horror of losing Abraham; the false sense of relief that Glenn might be safe; the incredibly graphic gore. Oh, and don't forget Maggie's heartbreaking moment at the end of the episode.

'Easy Street'

Was there ever a more annoyingly perfect song to torture someone to? That infamous tune is still ringing in the minds of many Walking Dead fans, dashing the dreams of Daryl fans everywhere who'd waited all these years to see him get his kit off. It wasn't meant to happen like this!

Spencer's Grizzly Death

Let's be honest: Spencer sucked. He was kind of the worst. Seriously, it's a wonder he'd even made it this far. While Olivia's death was tragic, seeing Spencer being gutted like a fish was sickeningly satisfying. Or was that just me?


The most exciting new addition to the show since Carl's can of pudding, this lovable knitted sloth added a much-needed layer of comedy and intrigue to the show in the most adorable way possible. He's had a home in Eugene's pocket ever since being adopted at the Sanctuary market, and he'll no doubt play an important role in Season 8.

Sasha's Death

Considering Sonequa Martin-Green's other upcoming project, it was hardly surprising to see Sasha bid a zombified farewell to the show. Amazingly, Sasha still managed to attempt to take out Negan in her walker state, proving not even death could stop her loyalty to Abraham.

Which moment from The Walking Dead Season 7 had you talking?

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