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From the "Screwdriver Zombie Head" to the "Trucker Walker," AMC has always been on top of their exclusive Walking Dead statue game. Every year (with the exception of the first season), AMC has released a limited edition The Walking Dead Blu-Ray set that not only consists of a deluxe Blu-Ray disc set but a special edition statue, too. This year's Season 7 Blu-Ray features the most iconic walker to date: Winslow. If you're a die hard fan, you're going to want to grab this ASAP.

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Blu-Ray Is All About Winslow

[Credit: Yahoo/ AMC]
[Credit: Yahoo/ AMC]

As you can see, limited edition Blu-Ray set comes with an epic statue of Winslow. Officially titled the "Spike Walker Statue," it includes a special five-disc digipak packaging. Fans will be able to order this collectible exclusively on Amazon in October for a limited time before they sell out.

The most intriguing part of the Winslow statue is that it's actually interactive. If you remove one of the spikes placed through Winslow's body and then put it back in, the sculpture unlocks access to the discs hidden underneath. In my opinion, this might be one of the coolest Walking Dead collectibles I've ever seen.

This fan-favorite walker was featured in the episode titled "New Best Friends." In the episode, Rick faced off against Winslow in a gladiator arena filled to the brim with trash in order to propose a deal with the Scavengers. After the episode aired, the Internet went bonkers and McFarlane Toys made our dreams come true with this Winslow statue.

Winslow is clearly one of the most interesting and unique walkers The Walking Dead has ever introduced. In fact, the undead character has a very interesting origin story behind him. Greg Nicotero, who is the show's executive producer, director, and special effects artist was the man who designed Winslow. He told Yahoo that creating Winslow for the show was like "an art installation":

“I started looking back to the scarecrows in Planet of the Apes, which had these big, long… they were really unique. They were big Xs that have this really haunting look. I thought it’d be really cool if we were to somehow mimic that with weapons and rebar and sawblades and nails and knives coming out,” Nicotero said. “We went from there. We refined the design. The helmet is basically a gas tank from a motorcycle … it took us about a month to build him, only because it was something so special and so intricate … I love stuff like that. I love the fact that seven and half years in, we’re able to come up with stuff that still feels iconic and memorable.”

Previous 'The Walking Dead' Box Sets Were Also Killer

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Like I mentioned before, this is not the first time AMC and McFarlane Toys have collaborated on a limited edition DVD set like this one. In fact, The Walking Dead has made some very cool DVD sets featuring the most memorable walkers from each specific season. For Season 2, AMC released the "Screwdriver Zombie Head," which is a reference to the head of the RV walker that was brutally put down with a screwdriver to the eye by Andrea. For that statue, the cool interactive feature involved pushing on the screwdriver so that the zombie head lifted and the DVD set was revealed.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Another super memorable statue was from the Season 3 limited edition box set, which came with a replica of The Governor’s walker head aquarium that Michonne found in his office. In fact, the aquariums can actually be filled with water and the walker heads can be rearranged in any way you want.

To be perfectly honest, though, AMC has always nailed it when it comes to creating memorable statues that remind fans why each respective season was so epic. It just so happens that this time around, with the creation of the Winslow statue, the really outdid themselves.

What do YOU guys think of The Walking Dead's Season 7 limited edition statue? How does it compare to the other seasons? Discuss below!

[Source: Yahoo! TV]


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