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I've got some potential The Walking Dead spoilers for you guys now, concerning the identity of the next character to die when the show returns in February. The scoop comes from a source over at Nuke the Fridge, and while the next person to bite the dust is not a particularly major player, if you you like your zombie shows to be completely spoiler free you should stop reading now.

Axel, played by Lew Temple, is the first to get shot and killed by The Governor during a surprise attack on the prison. A truck loud of Walkers crash through the gates of the prison and are unleashed on the yard. Michonne kicked major ass during the attack. – IT’S EPIC!!!

Can't say I'm surprised by this news if I'm being honest. The prisoners were never going to last that long, especially now that Tyreese and his gang have taken up residency. Plus, the Axel in the comics also got killed during the Governor's assault on the prison, although this was during the climactic battle, so we may have to wait a few episodes until this goes down.

What's also certain is this won't be the only death we witness in the second half of Season 3. The Governor is looking for revenge, so there's going to be a big pile of bodies on both sides of the prison fence. It's just a question of who makes it out alive and who ends up as zombie breakfast.

Are you surprised by this revelation, or was it pretty obvious? Who else do you think is going to get killed this season? Let me know what you think in the comments.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th, 9/8c on AMC.


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