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Matt Carter

Word of warning: There be TWD spoilers this way. Proceed with caution from here on in.

Ever since the brutal mid-season finale, fans have been wondering about the fate of baby Judith. Now, thanks to a spoilery international promo, we have the answer.

So is lill' Ass-kicker alive or dead? Well, we did have a low-quality video to bring you, but it's since been taken down, so you'll have to make do with hastily-grabbed screen shot instead.

Baby Judith is alive!

Both cast and crew had remained coy on the fate of Lil' Ass-kicker, but it seems that Tyreese was able to rescue her before the undead s--t really hit the fan.

Happy days.

Are you surprised that Judith made it out alive? Drop your thoughts below or hit me up over on Twitter.

(source ComicBook)


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