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Going home with the odd prop isn't too out of the ordinary, however if you are a star on AMC's , your choices are usually limited to a rotten arm or a wire-wrapped baseball bat. In possibly the greatest take-home gift ever, series regular has made off with the zombified head of . No, this isn't from Pirates of the Caribbean 7: The Search For Depp's Career, it is a genuine prop from 's zombie apocalypse.

Depp-sperate Times

I actually reported last year that the head of Depp had made a sneaky little cameo in the twelfth episode of Season 6. As possibly one of the show's greatest episodes, "Not Tomorrow Yet" saw Rick's survivors lead their assault on the Savior compound. It also featured the group trying to deceive Negan's subordinates with a deceased doppelgänger of Xander Berkeley's Gregory.

Coming from the twisted mind of SFX guru , a cast of Depp's famous face had been knocking around in storage prior to its undead arrival on TWD. Seeking some moulds to make three heads, Nicotero used one of his own face, one random visage, and the Depp cast. Just one of the show's many glorious Easter Eggs, it seemed that no one really cared what happened to the Hollywood head after the episode — well, no one except Reedus.

Taking to Instagram, the long-haired actor shared a snap of him and the Depp head preparing to catch some "Z"s. Alongside the caption "Jd says good night," Reedus posted it to his 5.7 million followers. Sure, Depp may have seen better days, but at least his decapitated head has found a new home with Reedus. Quite what purpose it serves remains unknown; maybe Reedus uses it to practice his crossbow skills, or maybe he just likes the stimulating conversation. This isn't the first time Reedus has showcased his morbid memento; back in September, he shared a picture of Depp just chillin' in his dressing room.

There are already those who claim that Fear The Walking Dead star Frank Dillane bears an uncanny resemblance to Depp, but this is (so far) as close as we have got to getting Edward Scissorhands into the world of Kirkman.

There have been some pretty stellar actors on the main show, with the likes of Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and John Carroll Lynch all upping the wow factor, however, an actual appearance of Depp would be the icing on the cake. If you are reading this, Mr. Depp, get your agents on the phone!

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