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War! Guns! Zombies! Weird Rick Grimes hair! Things heated up big time in the last part of Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, and if you have yet to watch the episode, you really should stop reading right now.

Up-to-date fans of the show will be aware that in the latest episode, "Home", Axel () became the latest character to bite the dust in AMC's zombie drama. What a way to go. And what an episode - it was nothing if not cinematic!

In the show's most recent installment, Axel was shot in the head from afar by the Governor (), instantly killing him. (There are plenty of modern TV dramas that delight in killing off regulars, but The Walking Dead seems to show a particular relish in doing this. Awesome.)

Anyway, in a recent interview with EW, Temple revealed that his departure from the series was like a "gut-punch":

I certainly wasn't expecting to leave this quickly... Clearly, Axel in Mr Kirkman's graphic novel, he does go down in the war at the prison. We knew that was happening. I just didn't sense that it was going to occur this quickly, so it caught me off-guard for sure - particularly after we just had [a] conversation and had talked about really developing some more life with Axel.

He also expanded on how he tried to convince the producers to save his character:

I thought all the nuance that we put into him and the little things that were barely visible and thinly veiled were starting to come into full colour. I feel in this last episode we really become a bit interested in him. So my appeal was as much for Axel as it was for Lew Temple... It was too short for Axel. There was more to do. But I'm happy that I was there for the Governor to get his revenge and that Carol was able to survive. I served the story. I'm just so thrilled to have been a part of it.

I'm disappointed that after speaking more than a couple of lines and revealing to Carol that he was in jail for committing armed robbery with a toy gun, Axel sealed his own fate and was finished. But, I still can't wait for the next episode, as the Governor's attack will likely play out for at least the next few episodes. Are you excited?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays 9/8c on AMC.


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