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The Walking Dead's was left angrier than a raccoon caught in a monsoon (I don't know what that means either) when a thief broke into his car and stole his backpack. Yeun lost a computer, camera and a book, but it was the loss of his notebook filled with his ideas that upset him the most.

Not one to let crime slide, Yeun posted this open letter to the burglar:

Hey. a++hole that broke into my car. I hope you enjoy what you find in my backpack. The computer I’m sure you sell to some other idiot. great. my camera is one of my favorite cameras. it’s my ricoh. enjoy the pictures that I took on there of all the beautiful people that I love. but I hope you also enjoy the pictures I took of my stupid messy room. you also took my book too, you d++k. I was half way through that thing…now I have to start over from the beginning. that’s just the rules. but for real what pisses me off most is that you took my notebook full of my dumb ideas that I will never use. I loved those dumb ideas. it was a constant reminder for me to do better. now I gotta write down all those dumb ideas over again. those are the rules. one particular section had some stand up jokes in there. well there goes my 5 minute set that I’ve been working on about wizards, vertigo, and chocobos. you’re a d**k. but I still love you.

Is it me, or are you also really sad that we now might never get to see Yeun's 5-minute standup routine? Not cool Mr Burglar, not cool at all.

It's also a dangerous game to go swiping stuff from somebody that spends his day decapitating zombies and is friends with a couple of badasses in Daryl and Rick. They have a particular set of skills. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like you...


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