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I've always thought being looks kind of exhausting. He always seems to be rushing around making films, appearing at events and probably fleeing from hordes of fans. However, it seems Rooker hasn't run out of energy yet, because now he wants to lend his hand (or feet, I guess) to dancing.

Recently, Rooker jumped on Valhalla Entertainment's Twitter account to answer questions from fans. Among the usual Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy questions was one asking if Rooker would like to appear on ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Of course, he gave a suitably Rooker-esque response:

S**t yeah, baby! As long as my dance partner is a retired Playboy model.

Of course, we now live in a world where your worth as a human being is directly correlated to your ability to flap around on a dance floor to insufferable music, so I can totally see why Rooker would be up for it. Plus, his appearance on Dancing With The Stars would elevate the show into something perhaps remotely watchable.

Rooker also went on to answer some more questions, although to be honest, he mostly just joked around. When asked if Merle could ever have hooked with Michonne, he said:

S**t Yes. How do you know they weren't together already?

And what about that news about a Walking Dead spin-off show? Well, it seemed like no one had even bothered to let Rooker know about it. He responded:

What spinoff? The Merle and Daryl show????

Don't get too excited guys, we're pretty certain the spin-off will not be featuring Merle or Daryl. Anyway, it seemed even if it did, Rooker wouldn't be returning. When asked if he'd ever like to somehow reappear on The Walking Dead, he answered:

They can't afford me.

Since playing Merle, Rooker's career has certainly gone up a gear, most notably by nabbing the role of Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy. When asked how long it takes it him to remove all of his blue make-up, he responded:

About an hour and a half and 2 more days to make sure it's all off.

Despite all this hassle, it also sounds like Rooker would be up for appearing in more Guardian movies. When asked what he would like to do after Guardians of the Galaxy, he replied:

Another Guardians. Duh.

Right, so that's settled then?

What do you think? Would you like to see Rooker prancing around on Dancing With the Stars, or would you rather he spent his time actually acting, because, y'know, that's his job? Let me know below.


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