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While one show about a rambling apocalypse would normally be enough for any network, it certainly hasn't stopped AMC from ruling from beyond the grave with both and official spin-off . As the main show readies its baseball bat for Season 8, its sister show has found itself a little lost at sea with the nautical adventure about the zombie outbreak.

Thankfully, Season 3 of FTD finds itself moving on land and is off to a stellar start to right the wrongs of before, but should/could the two entities ever cross paths? Only recently we have heard how something as simple as a dodgy Southern accent could point to a show crossover, but now one of The Walking Dead's alumni has spoken out on why the two worlds can NEVER come together.

A World Of Differences

Although his days of fighting the undead may be behind him, former TWD actor (Abraham) told the LA Times his thoughts on colliding the two worlds together. Although the two shows may appear to be set in the same world, Cudlitz maintains that they couldn't be further apart if they tried:

"We have almost have a permission slip as far as our reality to make things a little bit bigger because we are based on the graphic novel. You have these characters like Abraham with the mustache and the ridiculous way he presents himself. I don't mean that in a bad way, ridiculous is fine. Michonne with the sword, Daryl with the crossbow."

Although creator serves on both shows, The Walking Dead first came from his mind in form. Over the past 168 issues we have seen eye-patched mad men, tiger guard dogs, and a happy homemaker who can turn into ruthless assassin before her cookies are even out of the oven.

Elements of the comic have actually become even more ridiculous when transferring over into the show or creating original creations. King Ezekiel basks in his outlandish Kingdom, we've met the riddle-talking Jadis, and Merle Dixon turned up with a nifty blade attachment instead of a hand. The show can at times being accused of being OTT or even bordering on graphic novel hyper-reality, but isn't that why we love it? On the other hand, Fear the Walking Dead is a lot more grounded by being placed at the start of the outbreak, which means some people have called it out for being, well, boring!

One way to liven up Fear would definitely be to have a crossover with the main show, but with a convoluted timeline, how would that even work? Fear's showrunner Dave Erickson has already stuck a nail in that coffin, but Cudlitz reaffirms that it just wouldn't work:

"If one of our characters were to show up in the other world [on 'Fear the Walking Dead'], they wouldn't mesh because 'Fear' is based much more in a realistic reality where I believe ours is a heightened reality because of the graphic novel."

While some die-hard fans might love to see Rick and Madison meet up somewhere down the line, is it just milking your franchise for what its worth? We have seen Breaking Bad and Better Caul Saul cleverly traverse the line between shows, but apart from blowing half a guy's face off, Breaking Bad was a pretty believable tale.

Speaking of which, we know that Breaking Bad exists in the same universe as The Walking Dead thanks to the Dixon brothers and some luminous blue meth, but that doesn't mean we are demanding a zombie Walter White to come shuffling into view on Season 8 of TWD. Some things are just better left alone, so let's continue to chart separate courses for the two shows — stick to what you're good at, guys!

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Should the two shows cross over?

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