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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Working on The Walking Dead must be a nerve-shattering experience. After all, job security is hardly at a high, when you can be chopped off at any minute. So, for , who portrays the villainous Governor, his return in Season 4 must be extra-sweet. After all, he plays a character who in the linked comics was killed off!

He spoke together with Brian Kirkman and new showrunner Scott Gimple in an interview with at Comic-Con over the weekend.

Here are the highlights:

  • Sounds like Mr Morrissey himself was pretty surprised himself when he found out he'd be returning. In fact, every episode where you are still alive is a 'bonus'.

  • The new season will see The Governor deal with the consequences of his rather...err...'psychotic' actions at the end of the last season. Sounds like our favorite villain may have an attack of the conscience!

  • He LOVES being there, so much so he'd even make coffee or tea for the entire cast! And one of the main reasons for's . In the interview, the real-life Governor waxes lyrical about how Lincoln leads the entire team 'from the front'

  • Brian Kirkman acts all coy about a Battle Pope adaptation.

Everybody excited for The Walking Dead Season 4?


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