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Picture the scene: Rick and the gang are on the road, Daryl's bow is aimed toward the approaching hoard of zombies and Dwight is chain-smoking somewhere in the background. Then, all of a sudden, their van lights start to flicker. One walker is thrown into the air, then another, and another. Their heads explode mid-flight, sending their slimy zombie brains scattering everywhere, one by one until there's no one left. Apart from a little bald girl wearing a pink dress and a pretty severe nosebleed.

That's probably what it would look like should the TV worlds of AMC's The Walking Dead and 's Stranger Things collide. It would be one big bowl of apocalyptic, telekinetic, awesomeness. And, if these Instagram posts are anything to go by, it might not be that far fetched.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Josh McDermitt, the 38-year-old actor you'll know better as The Walking Dead's Eugene a.k.a. "Haircut," just posted the below snap while hanging out with some of the Stranger Things kids. And, while we're always stoked to glimpse Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) out and about, it's one of the captioning hashtags that has everyone talking:

See also:

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you, that does say " "!!! Without jumping to massive conclusions, it's likely that this is just the boys hanging out and shooting the shit about how awesome a crossover would be. But still. Add this to the fact that Eugene made a pretty cool reference to Dungeons and Dragons in this week's episode "Hostiles and Calamities," and that D&D is a HUGE theme in Stranger Things — it pretty much writes itself.

Plus, it's not just Eugene BFF'in with the Hawkins, Indiana clan — Norman Reedus a.k.a. Daryl Dixon got in on the action at last year's Critics Choice Awards:

And from another angle via Caleb McLaughlin:

Maybe, if a Walking Things/Stranger Dead collaboration isn't in the cards, perhaps we could see a crossover in another way? A Winona Ryder zombie, perhaps? Or maybe an Andrew Lincoln cameo in the Upside Down? Whatever works for them would work for us!

Would you love to see a Stranger Things x The Walking Dead crossover?


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