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The Walking Dead aired the sixth episode of the season last night and it continued to follow characters who have split off from the main group. This week, the series aimed their attention towards Tara and Heath, two characters we have not seen since the second half of Season 6. They were gone for quite some time, so "Swear" had a lot of questions to answer this week regarding where they've been since we last saw them.

Tara Stumbled Upon A New Community

We see that Tara and Heath have been on a food run for about two weeks and ended up scavenging a small amount of food and resources. Heath convinces Tara that they should return to Alexandria and on their way back, they discover a bridge. Unfortunately, they end up getting caught in the middle of a zombie mob. While we are uncertain where Heath ended up (he is most likely alive), we see that Tara falls off of the bridge and into the water, where the current pulled her to a community we have not yet seen on the show: The Oceanside.

There were a lot of different events that took place at the Oceanside as the episode did a good job setting up for future episodes, despite it dragging at times. We were introduced to many new characters that could potentially obtain a bigger role on the show. However, there was one particular character that the show made known this week that I believe will continue to appear on the show and eventually will join Rick's group: Cindy.

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Will Cindy Become A Lead Character In The Walking Dead?

Cindy is the granddaughter of Natania, who is the leader of the Oceanside. Cindy rescued Tara when she washed up on their beach and tried to keep her safe until she woke up. She really showed a liking towards Tara as she saved her a total of three times in the episode.

While we did meet an array of new characters, the show really focused on Cindy's character by giving us her background and showing off her character's brave, friendly, and caring traits. At the same time, the episode left a lot of her backstory up for grabs, maybe so they could potentially expand on it in the future.

One of my personal favorite parts of the episode was seeing the chemistry between Tara and Cindy and watching them work together. Cindy clearly went out of her way to help Tara over and over again and it is apparent that Cindy believes Tara is a good person and that she likes her. Considering Tara's girlfriend is dead and Cindy has lived with only women for a long period of time, could this episode be an indication of something more between Tara and Cindy?

Could Tara And Cindy Become Lovers?

Of course, this is all speculation but I believe that The Walking Dead is setting up Cindy to become a bigger character and for her to join Alexandria, Tara would be the link. Tara and Cindy have just been introduced yet they worked really well together in a stressful situation. We are aware that Tara is a lesbian and it was a really big deal when her and Denise kissed. Now that Denise is off the show, they might want to consider to continue their diversity and make Cindy a love interest. Also, they would be knocking two birds out with one stone because not only would they bring on another potential lesbian onto the show but they will have Sydney Park, a Korean-American actress, playing a gay character.

The main problem with this theory/assumption is the fact that the show hasn't confirmed that Cindy was gay. If the show decides to expand on her character, they will almost certainly dive into her sexuality. Anyways, the reason why I have come to the conclusion that Cindy will eventually fall for Tara is because of how attached she was to her.

Even though Cindy realized Tara was a good person, she especially went out of her way to make sure Tara returned to Alexandria. Also, when Natania decided that Beatrice would escort Tara back to Alexandria, Cindy clearly expressed that she wanted to return Tara back to her home. It isn't exactly clear whether or not this will become true, but this is for sure a possibility at least.


Could Cindy become a love interest for Tara?

What do you guys think? Could Tara and Cindy become lesbian lovers on The Walking Dead? Tell me below!


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