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Matt Carter

Terminus: Those who arrive survive!

It's clear this statement is not at all true and something is very rotten - or should that be medium rare? - at Terminus. From the trailers, posters and TV spots we've seen for The Walking Dead Season 4 finale, it's obvious that bad things happen to those who arrive at the end of the line.

But back in the real world? Well that's a totally different story.

The guys over at managed to track down the address of Terminus: turns out it's located at 95 Windsor Street Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia and it's not that eerie at all - unless you have a crippling fear of abandoned buildings of course.

You can check it out in all its cannibal-free glory below:

If you have a spare couple of minutes you can explore the area on Google Maps and see you if can spot any grilled meat...

Sunday is the final Walking Dead Live Blog of the season so you better stop by at or I'll be really disappointed.



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