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Matt Carter

It looks like there could be a new infant mouth to feed for Rick and the gang when The Walking Dead returns for the second half of Season 3, with a recent trailer for the show might have revealed a potential plot spoiler. A woman can be seen sat in a car clutching a child, while a walker tries to break in and eat them for brunch. It's very much a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but check out the clip and see what you think:

It's not much to go on, but I'm pretty sure that the baby in the car is way too big to be Rick's newborn daughter, Judith Grimes. Plus, the woman holding onto the kid is not someone I've seen before.

This could be just wild speculation on my part (and potentially a bit spoilery), but in the comics there's a particularly harrowing scene involving the Governor's raid on the prison and a mother and child getting shot in the back. It didn't end well for either of them. Is something similar about to go down on the show?

What do you guys think? Are we about to see a couple of new arrivals at the prison? Are you looking forward to the show returning? Use the comments section below to discuss all things zombie related.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th, 9/8c on AMC.



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