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The zombiepocalypse has spread to NYC?!

According to, we can expect The Walking Dead Escape: New York City - the official zombie obstacle course of The Walking Dead - to head to New York City ahead of New York Comic Con.

The Escape is taking place on October 12, from 6:45 - midnight. And those of you who want to live out the events from the Emmy-award winning AMC series, based on 's graphic novels, who are currently screaming "WHERE DO I SIGN?", you can register here to participate as a walker or survivor and experience locations from The Walking Dead TV show. This is what'll happen:

Choose from three ways to participate in this epic adventure. Participants can be a Survivor and race through the zombie infested evacuation zone or a Walker who becomes one of the undead, embracing the inevitable; or a Spectator who watches the apocalypse from the sidelines. wanna be a zombie? Or watch zombies be, you know, zombies? Well, then, this event is for you! Do you plan on taking part in the NY Escape? Let me know in the comment section below and see y'all there!



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