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With The Walking Dead Season 4 set to reach our small screens on Sunday, this is the time in which we begin to ask ourselves about the seminal story lines ahead in the AMC show, and what's to become of it's characters.

For Glenn () and Maggie () - who's romance provides a welcome change from the violent walker deaths in the show - the big question now is whether or not we are going to see them step their relationship up a notch. Cohan has been talking with TVLine about this very issue.

On how the pair got engaged, she comments that:

I think it was really beautiful. They went through the very real possibility of losing each other in the most horrific circumstances... [and now] they feel like they have given their bonds to each other.

Cohan also talks about the possibility of Glenn and Maggie making it official. She continued:

Whether there is a wedding or not, we will see. It's going to be really interesting to see if something that's sacred is safer [in Glenn and Maggie's post-zombpocalypic world] or if it's more dangerous because of how much they mean to each other.

Of course, the couple has to stay alive in order to get married. And although that happens in the comic books, the TV show is known for not following the comics all that closely...

How do you think Maggie and Glenn's relationship will work out? Will they be turned into zombie food before the big day?

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns this Sunday, October 13.



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