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Season 7 of HBO's beloved series Game Of Thrones is right around the corner, premiering in July. The fantasty-themed show has mesmerized audiences with its epic battles with fire-breathing dragons, bloody weddings and characters you love to hate.

With the series ending next season, HBO is already looking into a prequel series. They've signed some of Hollywood's top talent to come up with ideas, but perhaps they should consult YouTubers Ciaran McIlhatton and Shane Gibson, who've just imagined what transpired between Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and Brandon Stark before the series started.

'The Wild Wolf' Fan Film Prequel

If you just can't wait for Season 7 to air, then watch the above unofficial prequel to Game Of Thrones created by group of indie filmmakers in Belfast, Ireland. The fan film captures the duel between Littlefinger and Brandon Stark, who is set to marry Catelyn Tully — and we know that Littlefinger always had a little thing for Catelyn.

This group does a pretty good job of capturing the nuances of the characters we've seen throughout the series. Both the acting and the sets are of a higher quality than your typical fan-based movies. There's drama, some fighting, and even a little bit of vulgarity. Everything we come to expect from Game Of Thrones, which returns to HBO on July 16, 2017.

Which other Game Of Thrones stories would you like to see told as a spinoff series?


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