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With 2016 coming to a close, its safe to say that The Witch has conquered the horror world this year, upping the ante with its disturbing portrayal of events on a 1630s colonial New England plantation.

Slow-burning and intensely claustrophobic, it has all the makings of a superior horror and certainly puts a new spin on already-unsettling themes of witchcraft, black magic and demonic possession . And currently rocking at a solid 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 83 percent on Metacritic, the movie is bound to be haunting our nightmares for years to come. Here's the trailer:

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However, what if I was to tell that all scaredy-cats out there need no longer be terrified at the thought of watching The Witch? What if I was to tell you that you too could get involved?

Well, Bobby Burns and Dustin McLean from the CineFix YouTube channel have done just that, finally giving us horror-phobes the chance to sneak a peak at the movie's trailer without the urgent need to run wailing for the hills. The dynamic duo have wonderfully injected The Witch with a potent Wes Anderson injection and it is everything and more.

By piling on a jovial piano score over the dark scenes, drizzling the action with golden-hues and boshing some classic Anderson pink typography over the screen, the blood-curling tale about a New England colonial family miraculously transforms into a frivolous comedy about a dysfunctional clan trying to get by in the woods – complete with their daft, talking pet Black Philip the Goat, of course. Check it all out below:

I bet you never thought The Witch could be funny, but there you go.


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