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Matt Carter

Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street made its bow before an assembled audience of SAG voters at the WGA theatre in Beverly Hills and reports suggest the movie was rapturously received and Oscar glory could beckon. According to Pete Hammond, who chaired a Q&A after the screening, despite the movie's three hour run time it has a "frenetic pace" and "never lags", while Scorsese is being talked up for the Best Director nod come awards season.

One potential stumbling block between the movie and Oscar glory could be whether the famously rigid and conservative academy members can "deal with the almost non-stop parade of sex, drugs, nudity and rock and roll." The movie managed to avoided the dreaded NC-17 rating by cutting some sex scenes, but apparently there's enough naughtiness and edgy material left in to make your grandma blush.

and also seem to be locked in for Oscar nominations. DiCaprio's performance is being lauded as the best of his career, while Hill should expect a second Best Supporting Actor nod to go along with the one he received opposite in Moneyball.



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