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Tino Jochimsen

Cocaine is one hell of a drug and one hell of a filmmaker. Two truths very much confirmed by this first, rather brilliant trailer for his upcoming The Wolf of Wall Street.

The 1990s-set drama (with some obvious satirical elements) is based on the eponymous memoir by notorious stockbroker Jordon Belfort which involves all sorts of drug abuse, illegal business practices and two marriages not-gone-well.

The trailer makes the movie look like Lord of War set on Wall Street edited in the frenetic style of Goodfellas, with seemingly in top form in the lead.

A certain scene between DiCaprio and the glorious towards the end of the trailer must be worth a special mention. Can McConaughey get any more alright alright alright?

Apparently not (I do confess a slight man crush)!

Watch the first trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street below:


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