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Poor old Jonah Hill takes one for the team in Martin Scorsese's upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Apparently Hill was encouraged to dabble in a bit of method acting, describing the conversation that he and the director had (via Indiewire):

[Scorsese] looks at me and goes, 'Hey kid, you wanna try when he hits you for real?' I don't wanna look like a wuss... so I turned to to try and make eye contact to say, maybe, 'Ok, Marty, maybe do something else'. So I don't answer and I look to Leo and... he completely looks away and leaves me hanging!

continued to describe the brutal scene:

We go out there, we do the scene... [] just decks me... I wore big fake teeth and they split and flew out of my mouth...! I'm on the floor and I'm in a daze and I just hear (say) out loud, 'His face is swelling, get him some new teeth and let's shoot it!' Someone put some teeth in my mouth and they film my face swell.

Blimey, the things these actors will do for their art. It's rather impressive really,

If you just can't wait for the film's Christmas release, then thanks to Indiewire, you can indulge yourself with these pictures below and a trailer to boot:

And now for the trailer:


Also, if you just can't get enough of the film and its stars: Dicaprio, Hill, et al, then head here for even more treats.

So would you agree to be punched in the face if Scorsese asked you? I'd be getting paid for it. Would that make it ok?



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