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This post contains spoilers for Logan.

Hugh Jackman and Logan director James Mangold really outdid themselves when it came to concluding the long journey of the Wolverine. Logan was the perfect swan song for Jackman's iteration, which spanned 17 years across the franchise.

The fact that the character's journey ended on the actor's terms just shows how important Wolverine was to Jackman, and the dedication to quality resulted in one of the biggest rated-R openings of all time.

Logan contained many Easter eggs, as you can see in the video above, but a fan noticed perhaps the biggest one: back in 2013, The Wolverine subtly told us what to expect from the end of Logan.

How The Wolverine Revealed Logan's Fate

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Twitter user @Mauricethechosenone discovered the hint through one of Yukio's lines of dialogue. Since Yukio was a mutant clairvoyant, she was able to look into the future — and a different timeline, thanks to Days of Future Past? — to see how the reluctant hero would someday meet his demise:

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

The line gets very specific in its description ("I see you on your back, there's blood everywhere; you're holding your own heart in your hand"), and Mangold must've set an iPhone reminder to make sure this came through in Logan's final product.

But what gives Yukio's prediction more layers is that the "heart" ends up being Logan's daughter Laura. Now it is easy to see how this theory could be dismissed, but Mangold revealed on Twitter that this was always his intention:

So, could Yukio see into the altered timeline? Or was the event inevitable? That's a debate for a different day, but for now I am going to take a break to shed even more tears.

Do you agree The Wolverine predicted the end of Logan? Tell me in the comments below!


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