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This weekend, like every weekend, I go to the movies to check out the latest blockbuster. One of the movies I was really excited for this summer was The Wolverine. As we all know X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not the greatest superhero movie ever made. The only good thing about that movie was . To be honest when I saw that movie in theaters for the first time I loved it. But then I came to my senses and realized its major flaws. But The Wolverine I have to say was pretty good when it comes to stand alone superhero films. It's certainly not the origin story re-done. This story feels fresh and different than any superhero film has tried to do. The Wolverine takes place some time after X-Men: The Last stand. Jean Grey is dead, the X-Men have moved on, and Logan/Wolverine is more vulnerable than ever. Every thing he once had is gone. When Ichiro Yashida summons Logan to Japan, the story begins. Yashida wanted to thank Logan for saving his life from the Nagasaki bomb. In return he will give Logan something Logan has wanted all his life, a chance to be mortal. During the story, Wolverine fights samurais and falls in love with Yashida’s granddaughter, Mariko. When the film ends Logan realizes that his immortality was not a curse, but instead a gift to use in protecting other people.

Plot twist

The Wolverine certainly had a different feeling than ever before and I greatly appreciated that. The story started out being basic until the 3rd act of the film. Then it became interesting. It ended with a surprise I never expected. Most of the time in movies when I see foreshadowing, I'm usually really good at guessing what the plot twist is going to be. But In this one, I don't know if I was not paying good attention, though I am pretty sure I did, I never saw the surprise coming in the final fight in the film. I liked the story and the reason I was looking forward to the Japanese saga of the Wolverine story is because I knew it was popular, and it is Jackman’s favorite story arc of the character. I love the fish out of water stories and Logan is a fish out of water in Japan. Because Japanese people honor family, tradition, etc. and Wolverine is none of those. I thought the setting was really good for the story they were trying to tell.


for director of The Wolverine was just perfect. He and Jackman had worked on another movie together, so they knew how one another worked. I felt Mangold was passionate for the story and the character. I could also tell that when it came to the fight scenes with Wolverine and the samurais, Mangold pretty much understood the importance of keeping the traditional Japanese fighting styles along with the classic fight style of Wolverine. The last thing I found that the director seemed to have accomplished was the characters and the acting. I felt each character was played to there fullest and nothing was less than it should have been. Two thumbs up for Director James Mangold.


The writing by and was really well done. It was nothing to complain about. I felt that this movie really showed Wolverines' character, not only through the fabulous acting by Jackman, but the writing really gave Jackman to give Wolverine justice by being angry and wisecracking. All of the other supporting characters had great lines as well that without the script could not be there!


The acting by the cast was really well done. Hugh Jackman does justice to Wolverine every time. But in this movie, you really got to understand who the Wolverine character is. Not just physically, but psychologically. When he went into a rage, he did not just scream and clench his fists. His veins came out of his arms and you could really feel his pain. And when he was being an asshole, it was funnier than usual. But this is the most emotional performance Jackman has given the character in my opinion. Hugh Jackman did an amazing job as Wolverine yet again. The rest of the cast including (Shingen Yashida), (Yukio), (Viper), and etc. were fantastically played out. made an awesome return as Jean Grey and helped tell Logan’s story. The one person other than Hugh Jackman that I want to strongly praise in this review is as Mariko Yashida. Okamoto is not even an actress. She had no acting experience what so ever. She is a famous model in Japan. And for a model that has no acting experience and her English a little weak, she did a hell of a great job and I was really invested with her character. It didn’t matter to me that I already knew about her zero acting experience. What was captivating about Okamoto is that she has a way of bringing the camera to her. I would have presumed that she was a model with that ability. Thumbs up to Jackman, Okamoto, as well as the entire cast for their great performances.

The Train Scene

The visuals and action scenes in The Wolverine were pretty spectacular. The fight scenes were so awesome. The thing that made these fight scenes stand out to me was that when Wolverine or the other characters were hit, cut, stabbed, or just in pain, it was so clearly focused on that that I felt the pain the characters are going through. That is what a great film tries to accomplish and I feel that it did. The action scenes were breathtaking. The scene that was done beautifully was the fight scene on top of the bullet train, where Wolverine fights the Japanese mobs’ assassins. When that scene begins the fight is inside the train and there is a bombastic score in the background. But as the characters fight on top of the speeding train the score stops and all you can hear is the wind and the clink and clank of Wolverine’s claws, the screeching noises done by Wolverine’s claws and the assassins’ knifes as they try to hang on to the train. The fight scene in that was probably one of the best fights in the whole movie. The cinematography was beautiful. The shots of Tokyo and the rural parts of Japan were so spectacular. But the best cinematography was during all the fight scenes. It was so easy to follow and that’s why I had such a good time enjoying it. The special effects were pretty real looking and did its job.

Original Score

My favorite type of music is film scores. I had heard of the composer , but had never listened to any of his scores by itself. I’m pretty sure I have heard his work in other movies I have watched. Beltrami did an awesome job capturing the action, the emotion, and the Japanese sound that described ancient and modern Japan. I have to say after watching and hearing this score, Marco Beltrami is one in my top 10 list of film composers.

Overall I really liked The Wolverine and will most definitely buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray 3D! If you are ready for some high paced action with a comic book hero with a story with heart, go see The Wolverine. I want to know what you thought of The Wolverine. Did you like it or hate it? What are you thoughts on the story, acting, directing, writing, visuals, and the score? Comment below, let me know!


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