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Matthew Campagna

With Bryan Singer currently working and tweeting away about his newest X-Men epic X-Men: Days Of Future Past based (loosely it seems) on Chris Claremont's famous 1981 storyline, it feels like 's second solo outing is a bit dwarfed by next year's Sentinels. I may be the only one who wanted this Japanese story to be a direct sequel to the 2009 Origins film so I was surprised when it started looking like a direct sequel to X3, complete with Jean Grey nightmares. But the need for it to be a prequel to X-Men: Days Of Future Past is understandable, considering the fact that Logan is replacing Kitty as the main character in 's take on Days of Future Past. Needless to say, watching tear apart a bunch of overmatched human samurai sure does look like wacky fun!



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