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Matt Carter

The latest trailer for 's The Wolverine was spectacularly awesome, but in between all the ninja fighting action we also got our first glimpse of the bearded badass's enemy, Silver Samurai. Check out the image below and see what you think:

Silver Samurai certainly looks silver and seems very much like a samurai in this photo, but since when was he a giant freakin' robot? In the comics, Silver Samurai is a Japanese mutant called Kenuichio Harada, who's able to harness mutant energy and charge his katana, enabling it to slice through everything except adamantium. He's definitely not a robot in the comics, so what's the deal here?

Will we see a new and much more robotic version of Silver Samurai in The Wolverine? Could it be that this is a form of robotic armor that houses the Silver Samurai inside? Or is this not the Silver Samurai at all and I'm getting worried over nothing? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.



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