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Just when I was getting ready to bury the sad remains of the Robsten love story, the rug has been ripped from under me by a surprising Skype based revelation.

One of those sneaky little sources spilled their insider secrets to Hollywood Life and it seems like I need to put away my shovel and get out the bunting!

Kristen Stewart: Could she be texting Rob?! Apparently and have been relying on the wonders of technology to keep the flames of their romance burning despite not seeing each other in person for weeks.

The anonymous 'friend' of KStew let slip that;

Kristen and Rob have been keeping in touch by Skyping. They make sure to Skype at least once a week and text in between, and send each other funny photos. Being away from each other has actually made them closer

Escándalo! Apparently it's Robs punishing schedule that is tearing the love birds apart, specifically Rob's jaunt to Morocco to film Queen of the Desert. The source revealed that;

Kristen has no solid plans to see Rob. She still wants to see him before he leaves for Morocco to film Queen of the Desert, but that’s unlikely. She’s come to terms with it and she’s being patient. She knows when they finally do see each other it will be some much-needed quality time

Robert Pattinson's role as Lawrence of Arabia is keeping him from Kristen Whereas I am merrily gobbling down this tasty tit bit of gossip, I am somewhat sceptical about this heart-warming revelation. I mean, didn't Rob sell the home he shared with Kristen recently to escape the ghosts of relationships past? Also, is it just me or does randomly starting to Skype your ex after not seeing them in weeks reek of psychosis?

Do you guys think there is even a speck of possibility that Rob and Kristen will get back together after their turbulent past?

(Source: Hollywood Life)

(Images: Twifans, KStewart News via Fame Flynet and What Culture)



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