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Move over, . After rewrites of ' Prometheus script turned the film into what it was (a highly convoluted, confused piece of beautiful pop culture), Fox is looking to bring someone new to pen Prometheus 2. This all comes from The Wrap, who are saying that Transcendence writer Jack Palgen is the studio's first choice. It's rumored that will return for a sequel, but currently nothing is confirmed.

When we last left , she and her team were infected by some sort of primordial goo that evolved/destroyed/infected anyone it came into contact with. She gave birth to a squid baby (which she talks to me about here) which then acted as a giant facehugger on an Engineer, one of the movie's "gods." In the end, a xenomorph popped out. I'm still unsure as to how that means that xenomorphs infest LV-426, unless it just means bad news bears for Rapace and Fassbender.

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